10 Keys to Success Online

10 Keys to Success OnlineSuccess online happens when a business owner positions themselves in their circle of influence as someone who has a solution to the people they are selling to.
The first key is to figure out what it is about you and your product or service that makes you stand out from the crowd. Every business owner brings something to the table that makes them distinctive. You could be selling the same product or service that dozens of other people are promoting, but just the way you package your information appeals to the Ideal Client you are targeting.

So, how do you find out what it is that makes you unique in your marketing?
Start with an inventory of your life and yourself.

You Are Number One in Your Business

Key #1
First of all, think of all the experiences you bring to your business. What are some skills, interests, strengths that make you unique as a Business Owner?
Make a list of all the things that are a part of you:

  • Work Experience
  • Hobbies/ What you do to Relax
  • Interests
  • Volunteer
  • Beliefs
  • Where do you like to hang out online
  • Family
  • Strengths
  • Skills

Do you see a pattern of strengths, common skillsets; interests that you can use to put a special touch on how you present yourself in the marketplace online.?
Key #2
Make a list of what it is you are selling, products or services.
Choose what will be your primary focus

  • Main Product
  •  Service product if you have one
  • Affiliate products if you have them

Decide which one is the one you want to start with, that you can get excited about and create good content around it.

Your Business is All About Your Ideal Client

Key #3
Spend a good amount of time thinking about who your Ideal Client is. List all the things you know about your Ideal Client. Then write a long descriptive story about your Ideal Client. This exercise can give you a clear picture of who you10 Keys to Success Online are marketing to.
This is an important puzzle piece because knowing who you are in business for guides your content creation we talked about earlier. When you know who your Ideal Client is, what they want and how they like getting information, all you have to do now is deliver in a way that attracts them to you.

Key #4
Now think about how you can connect with your Ideal Client. What content pieces would they take time to read? What part of your story can you tell that would be really interesting to them. Are there some things that worked really well for you that might be helpful to your Ideal Client that you can share with them?
Spend a good amount of time thinking of who you are selling to. Do some research to really understand who your Ideal Client is, what keeps them awake at night? What are they searching for on Google? Create as complete a picture of this person as you can
Key #5
When you have figured out points 1-4, (which is work!) it’s time to have Attraction Marketing work for you and your business at its best. Now think about why this person should buy from you? How can you present what they are looking for in such a way that their online search brings them to your page, your offer. What can you offer so that they leave their name and email in exchange for this free gift from you?
Now you begin to create valuable content that are useful to your Ideal Client. You are becoming a solutions provider for whatever it is your Ideal Client is searching for.

Making Your Ideal Client Welcome at Your Blog

Key #6
Now build a website as a base for all your information.  If that seems too big for you, consider hiring someone to put your ideas together to create a blog. A blog/website is necessary for you to get your business up and running online. That is where you are going to post all your information.  All the work of attracting your traffic  ends up at your blog . As we move forward with  the steps for that to happen, you will understand that while all this doesn’t happen overnight, it works. It will take consistent effort and continual checking results and adjusting what we call your, Business Strategy Map.

Key #7
Once your traffic, lands on your home page of your blog, you have only a few minutes to engage your site visitor with your graphics, your core message and invitation to accept your free offer. All of that work is made easier the better you know who you are marketing too. That insight simply tells you what your Ideal Clients want, and you deliver.

Your Home page is an explanation about what your site offers to your Ideal Client.

On your Home page and throughout your site, there is an invitation to give your Ideal Client a gift of content in exchange for their email address.

When you are thinking about what you are going to create to give in exchange for the most valued name and email, think about what it is that is the most interesting thing your Ideal Client would like to know?
How can you draw the interest and emotions of your client to that piece and have them engage with you? How will you package your gift?

Your List Builds Your Business

Key #8

Your Free Offer, or Compelling Offer it is sometimes called is key to growing your leads list. The whole point of your blog is to give your site visitor a reason to connect with you and begin a business relationship with you. This Offer, is your way of beginning that process with the exchange of their name and email for the delivery of your product.

Key #9
Once you have an invitation to email them, your emails sent out through an autoresponder, continues to build your relationship with them as they get to know you better. The continued good information sent, reassures them they are in the right place.

Now your Ideal Client has given you their name and email in order to receive the interesting content you have created for them. This is the beginning of your list.
The names in your email list become the most valuable asset of your Online business.

The goal of your website is to attract as many Ideal Clients as you possibly can for the purpose of them choosing to accept your interesting content in exchange for their information.

Now you continue to do business with them through an email autoresponder tool.
Think about what additional information your Ideal Client would like to have on the topic of interest you have given them:

Continue to Build Relationships of  Friendship and Trust

Key #10
Once you have an invitation to email them, your emails sent out through the auto responder continues to build your relationship with them as they get to know you better.

An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to schedule email communication to your list.

Your emails become a valued, welcome communication from you regularly. This allows you to continue doing business with your Ideal Client and moves them on to a point of sale with you.

More than anything, the communication you set up for your leads lists is the most valuable work you can do for your business.

It is in this continued engaging relationship that you have the cornerstone of income producing business.

Your website is the home of your business, bringing your Ideal Client to you.

Once you have names and emails in your autoresponder, the money making part of your business happens through good content, good invitations to buy from you.

If you can get this done right, You can enjoy continual and multiple income streams.






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    • Why Thank you Carla for your feedback. I highly value your comments because I know you have been working hard in this internet marketing space to build your business too.

  1. Thanks so much for this great list of keys to online success. I particularly liked what you wrote on who your Ideal Client is. I think this was one of the most difficult things for me to come up with and your exercise of writing a story about who you think it is was very helpful. Great blog!

    • Thank You Phyllis for your visit and your comment. I know, the hardest work is the early task of drilling down to narrow down the field of people you are selling too. But, it’s important work. Glad you enjoyed my blog.

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