2 Steps to Making Money Online with Attraction Marketing

2 Steps to Making Money Online with Attraction Marketing  Attraction Marketing to A Small Target Group

1.First, determine what you’re selling, determine what group to target having interest and money to build your business with, and identify your target Ideal Customer . Then build a well of content for your Ideal Customer In your blog; within Social media; videos and grow into live webinars.  
Having good content focused on your Ideal Customer is the foundation of your business.
Decide what you are going to offer as a free gift on your blog inviting your reader leave their name and email in exchange for your gift. Your email marketing list begins to grow with this exchange.

Using SEO to Attract Your Market to Your Blog

2.Traffic to your blog can take several forms.  As you build your online business be mindful of the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the intentional use of certain words your Ideal Customer is keying into Google looking for information that you are writing about.  
The rules for SEO. change but there are basic guidelines to follow. This form of traffic takes time, but over time it does become organic helping your page rise to the top of the search engines.  The coveted position is to be found on page one of Google for your keywords. 
Paid traffic accomplishes a much different result. 
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