3 Tips In Social Media To Build Business

3 Tips In Social Media To Build BusinessMaking Sense of Social Media for Your Business

Social Media platforms are key to building a network of people with whom you can develop a relationship with.

In business, trust and transparency are key to having your best customer want to hear from you. Being able to have folks engage and respond to your posts begins a path to relationships.

Getting started in Social Media is a challenge to new online business owners.  There is a uncertainty regarding how to get started, what to do to build traffic.  Being uncomfortable with the process results in simply not getting started. 

This video reassures business owners that that are three simple steps to get started with  an effective Social Media strategy.

3 Success Tips for Social Media

  1. Be Consistent ..talk to others in your news feed.
  2. Post daily…especially from Business Fan Page including educational tips, stories, pictures.
  3. Answer every comment made whether positive or negative on your newsfeed

 What Social Media Platform Will You Use?

There are many Social Media platforms to work in.  Choosing one or two to get comfortable with and create engagement is the most important  decision.  Realistically, keeping up with more than two platforms for most business owners is not going to work.  Especially if you are still working at a day job, raising your family, involved in volunteer work and building your business at the same time.

So how do you choose which platform to work in?  That’s a very good question.  Part of the answer to that is who is your potential customer and where to do they hangout?  It’s simply being in the same place to get your message in front of them and starting engagement.

Google Plus…Will This Social Media Platform Pass FaceBook?

Anita Levesque is a FaceBook  strategist expert…and she’s opening the curtain now on Google Plus! Have a listen…

  1.   Have your business indexed by Google
  2. “Talk” to targeted “Circle” groups within your Google Plus account
  3. Build an unlimited number of groups to engage with.

My conversation with Anita continues here. We finish with talking about Facebook Fanpage strategies…don’t miss the final tips to begin active business building in Social Media. 🙂


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