5* Experience For Your Customer Both Live and Online

5* experience for your customer both live and Online

5 Star Service Should Be Expected

That’s what means the most to veteran salon owner, speaker and consultant Helen Willsher.

Helen is passionate about empowering business owners in the beauty industry to serve their customers with an expected five star experience.

She knows that enabling them to create a standard in their shops no matter who provides the service…or who is receiving it…will grow their bottom line.

Find out the two pivotal shifts she teaches that makes all the difference to a service industry that relies on repeat business and referrals.

Make the Customer Experience Simple

I understood that what’s important to Helen is for the customer to have simple direct access to product or service. She teaches businesses to step back and review their business from the viewpoint of their customer.

Are there any steps you’re expecting your customer to take that can be eliminated?

When someone comes to your website, do you make it easy for them to buy or stay in touch with you?

Helen also believes that the customer should have the same or better buying experience each time they come to a salon or business.

While these principles come from 30+ years in business, Helen looked to the help of an online business coach and consultant to bring her own consulting business online.

Helen is a sought after speaker and consultant in the region of Kent England. She knew her message and expertise could have a far greater international reach.

Rich and Natasha Hazlett are her online Business Coach and Consultant team. Helen traveled internationally to their live business training event because they are instrumental in helping her put in place online what she expects of her clients… a Five Star Customer experience with her online business.

If you are wanting to improve your customer’s experience with your business…to build a Five Star business… connect with me now to set up a bonus Strategy Session to discuss solutions.
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