5 Ways to Recognize the Leader Within You

5 Ways to Recognize the Leader Within YouBecoming A Leader

Okay, so you have started a home-based business expecting that this will be the means to achieve those goals you’ve set for yourself and your household. Your success rides on you becoming a leader.

What? You have never done this before and do not know how to get started? This is entirely new territory and frankly you are second guessing yourself wondering what yourself got into!

  • Can you become a Leader?
  • What happens when we allow that leadership quality to get stuffed down?
  • Do we allow our daily routines dull our ability to look beyond the routine?
  • What if the routine is taken out from under us with economic downturn; health issues or family responsibilities ?

You have invested in a network marketing business opportunity that can be your vehicle for whatever change you are looking for. Take a deep breath. You have accomplished much in the course of your life.

To realize that the leader is still there within you, let’s remind ourselves of what a leader looks like; what lessons they have learned to equip them.

5 Qualities Of A Leader

1. Leaders have an belief system of success.

Their attitude is, “I will be successful even if I make mistakes in the trying.”

There is an innate confidence that comes because they took an action step. Perhaps this action step was a task totally unfamiliar to them, but they tried anyway. Whether they succeeded at this point or not is immaterial. The point is a leader goes into action because they believe they can be successful.
How many times in whatever role you have lived, this has been your experience? Daily, whether you are a stay at home Mom or office executive. We have all demonstrated that we are leaders and know the taste of success.
Your leadership  in your business will grow in relationship to taking action steps. You will attract business because of this inner confidence showing through.

2. Leaders know what they want.

Again, to pull from your life experience, each time you set a goal for yourself, focusing on how to accomplish this task in a certain time you are a leader. You know what happened. You set a goal, you focused your energies on the task and it got done.
Leadership in business follows the same strategy. You have done it in real life, you can do it in marketing. You will benefit most with accessing the education from your company or marketing coach as to what your goals could be.

3. All leaders learn to overcome.

Leaders come from all walks of life with all kinds of past baggage to deal with.

Leaders are those people who do the personal work of overcoming personal fears, doubts, and lack of confidence. Yes, even though success breeds confidence, we do not always start with confidence. Leaders do what other people are not willing to do. Leaders have to overcome their fear of rejection. Again this is accomplished with taking action steps.
The personal responsibility of facing any shortcomings in their lives and dealing with them as we have discussed, results in Leaders having an optimism. They love and protect those dear to them. They love and take care of themselves.
Doing this kind of work is challenging, but, worth it. Are you willing to take it on?

4. Leaders are really clear on their goals.

This draws people to your business that value the same goals. When you are really clear on what your end result will be, the boundaries of how time, energy and resources used are clear and keeps you and the team focused.
Time and money management are skills we learn throughout life. How well we succeed in these areas are our personal choice. There are many ways that you have likely already demonstrated leadership in this way. If not, then it can be learned.
Leaders put great value on their time. They keep in mind what is important to achieve the end goal and prioritize. Do you know any leaders who have abundant funds and growing who are spendthrifts? Not likely, they have learned to control the impulsive, extravagant buying. They understand the principle of stewardship. They seek investing advice.

They have experienced the truth of giving, sowing seeds of generosity and receiving in turn.
Leaders give a lot of themselves to others. In their time management, they know the return of empowering their teams with training and support for their success.

5. Leaders learn communication skills.

This may be a formal path in participating in something like Toastmasters, accessing Arthur Samuel Joseph training materials. There are many opportunities to learn to become a better communicator.
With communication comes people skills. Leaders learn the value of physical posture, speaking with energy and confidence. Leaders know that when they put others first, they will have more opportunities to impact more people in a positive manner.

People skills is key to attracting prospects to your business and your team-line.

Take a piece of paper and list the leadership skills you recognize within you.  Leave me a comment below of any new insights you have.

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    • Yes, Stella. When you can add someone to your team who is stronger than you, can fly higher…celebrate them…help to be become all they can be.

    • Murad, I agree with your thoughtful comment. A leader only becomes a leader because they have followers. They only have followers if they have done the work of earning their respect and trust. Both these dynamics only happen if relationships have been built through the exchange of ideas, feelings while being transparent and vulnerable.

  1. Pat – great little article you’ve written. It reflects back to me something I wrote earlier this evening about the leadership/mentorship I’ve found within my new company – and how I’ve been empowered by them such that I now have a very firm belief in myself – which is attracting people to my team – and causing me to really step up as a coach and mentor myself. Thanks for the insights. Enjoy the journey, Cinda.
    Cinda recently posted…TransformationMy Profile

    • Cinda,
      I know you have had to take some fast actions business-wise this summer. Good for you for pulling on your leadership skills to move forward. I know you have tons within you that will take you to success.

      I appreciate your visit and comment on the post. Thanks. Pat

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