A Plugin Broke My Site!

A Plugin Broke My SiteIt’s pretty scary to get a message from a friend telling you that your website has an “Error” message on it late at night before leaving on a business trip!

So what I did first was contact my hosting company, Hostgator.

I loved the easy access to support.  He was able to simply verify that I was authorized to speak to him about this website…no talking to me otherwise!

Here’s the deal…when you come online…you have to choose a service that will provide consistent, complete and competent solutions.

Well, when I explained my situation, the guy at support took at look at the problem and in a few minutes…less than 10… was able to pinpoint the source of the problem.

A plugin that had been installed with my site had taken liberty to write in some “code” that was incompatible…didn’t work with the hosting service and completely shut down my site! That’s scary that these tools can have that capability.

The solution?

I was simply instructed to deactivate the W3 Total Cache plugin and then delete it from my blog.

Then add WP Supercache plugin  in it’s place to replace the work it did.  This plugin is compatible with Hostgator my hosting service.

That brings me to my point…

If you are new online, there comes a time when you are ready to put a website up.  You will need a platform to host your online site.  There are several, but I’m recommending Hostgator as a service that is chosen by countless numbers of very successful entrepreneurs.  As I described here, they are consistent, complete and competent in the product and service they provide.

As a new subscriber, you can often find discount codes for new accounts. Be sure to look for one to apply to your new membership at Hostgator.

Ready to get your website hosting done?  Choose Hostgator here!

Any further questions?  Feel free to contact me for help.

A Plugin Broke My Site!



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