All The Gadgets Don’t Count Unless …

All The Gadgets Don't Count Unless What is More Important Than Technology?

Employed as a Software tester, Lori knew every gadget possible to organize her business and her life for productivity.

Simple right?

Just plan your calendar, put technology to work and sit back to enjoy the sunset!

Nope, it didn’t work that way.

Listen to Lori describe what she discovered about herself, the shift she made when she realized that having true freedom was not attached to all the software systems and tools she was familiar with.

Even Though You’ve Heard it Many Times Before…

This truth about mindset is the foundation of success.

If you don’t have this sorted out; made some decisions about where you stand; have your closest support people understanding this…it’s much too easy to lose site of your goals and dreams.

Having a coach that you trust, a community that comes alongside even if no one else does, will make all the difference in the world when your belief in yourself and your work falters.

Being driven by your goals, letting the “hamster wheel” of busy thoughts run your life is non-productive.

Consider getting a singular focus, a paced discovery path in business with live supports.

Contact me for more information about options for mentoring and coaching that will keep you moving forward in business.

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