Ann Sieg Reveals The Secret Formula for Sales

Ann Sieg Reveals Secret Formula for SalesWhat is the Secret Formula?

Ann Sieg, Master Attraction Marketer, says it this way In her book “The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto“. Attraction marketing is all about being a “distributor of information”.  Her basic secret formula?  “teaching sells”.
Think of it this way.
Your crossline member In your MLM does a great job of prospecting offline.  They know how to get in front of people and do face to face marketing. 

However, after your competitor spends time and money to carefully paint a picture about how your company or product can change their lives, the prospect declines the call to action on the spot.   Maybe worse than that, the meeting is an”pitch fest” leaving the guest interested but, determined not to do business with this sales rep.

In Search of Information

But being interested  they go home and after thinking about what they heard, decide to google some keywords. (the secret formula in action)
Any guesses about what could happen next?  
Yep, you have applied the secret formula, your consistent blogging, doing Social Media, captures their search. They find you online and decide to buy from you rather that the MLM member who educated them in the coffee shop. OK, so the teaching started in the coffee shop offline, but your continued online teaching brings in the sale.

Thanks very much for the lead!  

Isn’t that fun!
Your online information has validated what they have already heard. Your presence is credible. Trust is built through an online exchange. Now you’ve also taught your new customer that they don’t have to prospect in person. They can see that the secret formula works. the respectful online teaching brought results.
So, in your online content keep your ideal customer in mind. Write directly to that person. Keep your writing interesting, educational…giving value to your ideal customer. 
You’ll find more on how to bring leads to your online business at this post.  
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