Are You a Decision Maker People Will Follow?

Are You a Decision Maker People Will Follow?5 Things to Recognize in a Leader

  •     Decisiveness
  •     Courage
  •     Values
  •     Accepts Responsibility
  •     Finds Opportunity in Failures.

Read on to learn how these characters play out in Leaders lives.

Have you ever been in a situation with a roomful of people and just sat back to watch? Do you see how the people in the room cluster in groups?  You will find a number engaged in conversations or just listening around a central person. In looking a little closer something becomes apparent. In the centre of each conversation is usually found a decision maker.

Become the Leader People Will Follow

The Secrets of Becoming a Leader
Let’s look at the person in the hub of each group a little closer.  Let’s look at what makes a leader tick. Why do people want to follow them? Here are clues to what makes them become a leader.

  •  No matter what circle of influence people travel, whether business, sports, arts …leaders emerge when they are decisive.  Leaders make their purpose public; they take clear direction in their lives.  That quality of standing up for their intention draws people to them.
  • When the “buck ends here”, when leaders are looked to make the final decision, they have the courage to shoulder the consequences of a decision made and live with them.
  • Holding true to values through the journey of life, consistent in values in business. Sports, arts etc results in men and women becoming leaders of followers.

A leader earns the right to their position.  Leaders can tell you that the road was not always easy. If you hear the whole story, you will discover that not all decisions worked out in their favour.  However, how they responded to those down and sometimes downright dark times, further enforces their right to leadership.

  •  Only Leaders will stop the blame game.  Leaders know the minute a decision was made, they owned it.  For good or bad.  When in spite of all best intent something goes wrong, Leaders do not blame their team, or other party. Leaders accept the responsibility of their actions.
  • Leaders see failures as an opportunity to create or find a silver lining. They know that through the process, whatever it is, they have learned something, been put in connection with, to put to use in another direction

There is a great quote Leaders subscribe to:
Failure is success if we learn from it.  Malcolm S. Forbes

Leaders know that their rewards in life are in direct proportion to the decisions that they make.

What changes will you make on a daily basis that moves you closer to becoming the leader you want to be?

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