Are You Doing Business in the “Pocket”?

Are You Building Your Business in the "Pocket"?Do You Stand Strong?

I’m a football mom…well, a past high school provincial champion mom three times!  I loved being on the sidelines yelling “honey”!!  🙂

I loved watching the synergy between the quarterback and the receivers, the O-line creating and maintaining the pocket for the QB to throw from.

My boys were safeties, kickers, and the youngest, a noseguard working both ways, defense and offence. It was a blast.  We miss the action a lot.

Now we have to content ourselves with being armchair coaches for the CFL and NFL being from both sides of the border.

But…what does that have to do with business?

Going back to the QB.

The Quarterback undoubtedly directs that game action.  He is a person who has disciplined himself in many, many ways to produce results.  Anyone close to the game knows that it starts in the mind.  I could write all day on the disciplines of this player that the team looks to.

Lets look at the moment in the pocket.

 Protection from Attacks

All the players of the team wear head protection.  The QB develops an inner mind helmet as well.

This is the point of this post.

Consider this picture…the Quarterback has called a play;  the O-line gets into position; receives the ball from the snap.

The QB backs up and takes his stand in the pocket created by the O-Line around him.  Here’s the deal.  At this point, I envision the QB fending off all kinds of attacks.

Attacks…not in being sacked…but in his mind.

The QB stands strong on the belief that the play he called will be run; that the receiver is positioned to catch the throw; but as he stands in the pocket, the QB sets aside all fear.

He sets aside the fears of the defense circling around the O-line to sack him.  He sets aside the possibility that his position will be lost.  He shuts down the emotional cascade of the “what ifs”.

He laser focuses on executing the play as practiced.

Now, I’m not an expert at QB coaching or play…but these are the mindset exercises that create fantastic games to watch. The Quarterback has to set aside all obstacles and distracting thoughts. Are You Building Your Business in the "Pocket"?


Staying Laser Focused

The quote of Columbus’ applies after all these years to those who press forward towards a goal.

The QB prevails over any number of obstacles and distractions striving to win the Grey Cup or Superbowl game.

The entrepreneur must do the same.  When those thoughts of doubts, those prospecting responses that reject the offer, the silence with only “crickets chirping”.  The months without new sales and rank advance.  All that must be set aside to focus on continuing to press towards your business goals.

This 9 minute video speaks to redirecting the energy that could be consumed by emotions to productive activity…

There are times, when in business, to “stay in the pocket”, it becomes necessary to set aside the cascade of “what ifs” just like our QB if we are going to stay in the game.

Are you there? Leave a comment below, if you “get” the message of this post…love to hear from you. All Shares appreciated in advance.

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