Are You ready for the “You Economy”?

are you ready for the "you economy"?

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A Shift is Happening

The numbers are showing that every day more people are exploring their options to create their own income.  Especially in the USA, men and women are turning to the entrepreneurial economy. There was a time when industry, corporations shaped how we lived our lives and made a living.  Now with the need to squeeze more out of the workforce while offering less in return…there is a revolt.

There is a growing trend creating a “You Economy”.  Tara Gentile writes a great piece on this here.

Have you gotten a ride in an Uber car…or how about a Lyft ride?  Do you have home cooked meals delivered to your door?  How many people do you know that have housecleaning services? My nephew set up an AirBnB business last summer.  Direct Selling is becoming the new professional.  Eric Worre is on a path to create a whole new generation of Network Marketing Professionals.   My grandchildren benefit from the artisans marketing their goods on Etsy.  Then there is the Ecommerce space.  Either dropshipping or Fulfillment By Amazon. 

The list is endless of how taxpayers are saying that they will use whatever skills, interests, creativity they can to create a small business.  Business that is centered around their individual enterprise.

Control of Your Economy

Really the growing economy of this next era.  The politicians, policy makers, Wall Street are not able to dictate what can happen in free enterprise.

The good news is, there is room for anyone who is ready and willing to create a “you economy”.

Be a Part of the “You Economy”

As with anything, you do have a choice to enter into the opportunity for change.  The hard part is figuring out what exactly that change is going to be for you.

  • Are you going to take a different approach with a business you already have?
  • Will you explore personal and individual skills and talent you can market?
  • Are you teaming up with a partner to launch a business?
  • Will you be an Uber or Lyft driver?
  • Are you looking for a new Network Marketing Business?
  • Do you need a coach or consultant to provide some direction?
  • Is the Internet and Social Media going be central in your business?
  • How will this shift impact you and the life of those closest to you?
  • Does Direct Selling make sense to you?

While the options are wide open, so is the likelihood of saying…yep…it’s happening…but…

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