Attraction Marketing Basics Part 1

Attraction Marketing part 1Are you pitching your deal as the best opportunity ever?  If that is your focus in Attraction have to stop!
Think about it, what is the common response of family and friends …even the Internet world when told that your biz opp or products will solve all their problems?
“nada” …”No thanks “…”next!”

Use Attraction Marketing to Draw Your Audience To You

However, if you create content around your story, how your problem was solved by xyz product… that will draw readers.  Create content that addresses the problem of your Ideal Customer. Provide solutions for their problems that may include xyz product. Remember to write as though you are talking to one individual person, your Ideal Customer.
Provide a lot of free content to your list before expecting them to buy from you. Truly be a “Go-Giver” as Bob Burg describes in his book \”The Go Giver\”.  Give information solutions with no expectations of receiving in return.

How Attraction Marketing Results in Trust Marketing

If you make a commitment to creating quality content on your blog you will have repeat visitors. In Attraction Marketing, it’s your job to really know what your Ideal Customer is looking for online. When you have that information, simply provide the answers for their search in your writing,video and graphics.
As you develop your relationship in your follow-up emails,and in Social Media posts without blatantly selling in every piece, you will earn the trust of your Ideal Customer who will eventually buy from you. Remember to relax, let your Ideal Customer get to know you beyond your marketing presence.
You just might have the best biz opp or product ever, but let your audience find that out through getting to know you first.
Realizing that your job to be successful with Attraction Marketing just make yourself likeable…be your comfortable self…and secondly deliver sought after goods, this will have you off to a good start online.
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Pat Lee

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