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stockvault-landscape-beyond-arch132419 Isn’t That Part of the Freedoms?

This is one of the “whys” I’m in business.  I work full-time while building my fortune part-time as Jim Rohn has said.

He describes the excitement of lifestyle change especially after regularly earning $1000 a month in addition to your full-time salary.  Jim goes on to describe some of the material changes that can start happening that draw awareness that something’s going on for you.

For many, making even $300 to 500 extra a month makes a big difference in terms of staying ahead of financial commitments.

Regardless of dollar amounts, what I seek is being able to define my day according to what is on my personal agenda rather than my employers.

If I choose to spend time in my office, at the gym, with a team leader.   If I want to continue self study for personal development or bake bread again.  Explore my artistic tendencies!

Time freedom certainly is one big goal of being an entrepreneur.

Money Freedom Inspires the Dream

Of course building a business that generates passive income is one a big drawing card for starting a new home business.  I love the level playing field that makes it possible for anyone who is willing to do the work to be successful. Money freedom is possible

Big money takes time.  Finding the right company that will be there for you for the long term is key.  Building your business strategy well, more on that in another post) creates a list and team loyalty. This kind of loyalty  fosters trust and repeat sales.

But The Most Fun is Place Freedom

Truly, how much fun would it be to have the money, the time to go wherever you want!  It’s pretty easy to keep me happy! 🙂

I love to spend time with our grandchildren 1 and 4 hours away.  I love to go “back home”  to see family and friends.  I love to go visit my extended family in Indiana or France.  I love to attend whatever conferences  I want.

Yes…I don’t need exotic to satisfy my wanderlust…but the place freedom to be where I want when I want is huge.

 Don’t Give Up On Your Freedom Quest!

It was a little breezy in that video, but I think the message is clear.  Don’t give up on your search and intent to build your business.

It’s possible to have “place freedom” which simply means you’ve already accomplished time and money freedom.  Find the best possible vehicle and then a mentor to help you get though the rough spots of building your business.  You can do it!

If you’re looking for a business still, hey maybe what I have to offer matches what you’re looking for!




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