Becoming More of You!

A Journey of Self DiscoveryBecoming More of You

It is a journey of self discovery becoming a leader.

Most don’t come into the entrepreneurial space having all the skill sets needed to lead first…themselves then…a team.

We are very different people when we walk across the stage receiving the coveted Leadership Recognition then when we first start our business. Our posture is different, our view of money, our sense of responsibility is all changed when we are earning the high five and six figure incomes, or have the time freedom promised. That’s because leadership and achievement is the result of inner change.

It is a journey of personal growth in many areas.

Having self confidence is one of the first growth steps to work through.

It’s one thing to take charge of the things you love to do and do well. It’s another to face tasks that push you right out of your comfort zone! 🙂

Shall we make a list?

What about making that first list?
Extending the invite to “show the plan”.
Finding out your prospect’s pain and showing how you can provide a solution?
Bringing the prospect to a “close”.
If you’re doing your business online, working through the technology!
Showing up for your business at the same time keeping some semblance of life balance?

I could make a very long list.

The bottom line?

Everybody works through this fear zone to self discovery of new confidence.

The tactic? Well, there’s plenty.

Simply put…it’s practice, practice practice and then doing, doing, doing.

It won’t be “pretty” the first few times, but guess what! You’ll see growth and change.

Self confidence isn’t about being capable. Self confidence is discovering hidden abilities within you that you didn’t know or believed you had! 🙂

Making the Right Choices

One thing to be mindful of is the tendency to find excuses. Seemingly legit excuses about avoiding a task. If looked at closely, this is just a matter of lack of self confidence sabotaging your success.

You have a choice to not let that happen. Grasp the opportunity to reach out to your mentor, significant other, confidante to push through to success and a new level of confidence.

Be sure to take the time to recognize that milestone somehow. Journal the experience, share with someone, treat yourself in some tangible way.

It will be fun to recognize the next hurdle of fear or lack of confidence and use that opportunity as a means of new growth in confidence.

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