Working Alone…not Connected

Do You Have a Lot of Loose Pieces ? A story of how in the renovation work of our home this spring…the analogy of the electrical being in place, with many pieces, but not connected, reminded me of how we find ourselves in business at times.    This 4 minute video speaks to that. Bringing all the Loose Ends Together…

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Would you hire yourself?

Would You Hire Yourself?

Do You Show Up Daily? First of all, most entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves of employees. Heck, a lot are in this game of building their own business just to exit the whole framework of having a “boss”, being an “employee”! In the home business industry there is no time-clock…but…the go-getter doesn’t need a punch card or payroll time ticket…they’re…

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would you hire yourself

Don’t Make This Mistake

A Hard Lesson Learned Countless men and women like myself  continue to work full-time while “building their fortune” or future from home.  It can become an all consuming journey when the learning curve, passion to succeed and expectation to achieve causes you to lose sight of this important fact.

dont underestimate the power of one

Don’t Underestimate the Power of One

Just One Life at a Time! Sometimes we see and hear or feel the message that our influence in business is negligible unless we can report big numbers or big results. That is wrong thinking that quickly feeds the procrastination factor… “well if what I do seems to make no difference…why start?” If this message doesn’t stop you dead in…

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Did You See This About "You Economy"?

Did You See This About “You Economy”?

9 Points of  “You Economy” William Deresiewicz in his article in the New York Times ” Generation Sell” makes some remarkable observations on the status of the generation we call the Millennials.  These are 20-30 year olds who are go-getters.  They are dropping the counter culture behaviors of the previous generations to embrace something different for their statement…their life work.

Change Brings Opportunity

 Your Own Set of Choices In the space of owning your own business, seeking an entrepreneurial lifestyle there are some factors to consider that influence how you make your choices.  First of all, knowing what is important to you and those you love.  In other words, your values…the beliefs, lifestyle options that are necessary to stay in line with the…

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are you ready for the "you economy"?

Are You ready for the “You Economy”?

A Shift is Happening The numbers are showing that every day more people are exploring their options to create their own income.  Especially in the USA, men and women are turning to the entrepreneurial economy. There was a time when industry, corporations shaped how we lived our lives and made a living.  Now with the need to squeeze more out…

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You Know More Than You Think

You Know More Than You Think

  It Seems Like a Whirl of Info But… Whether you are a brand new business owner; or you have been in business for yourself awhile as a student of business, it’s the same.  The early steep learning curve. Learning to build a sales process, getting online with your business…it’s my guess you’ve read articles, books, attended webinars and bought…

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The Process Works…Trust It!

Watching But…It Seems Quiet When you are a student of Online Marketing and especially if you are working with a coach/mentor, you perhaps have learned and put in place, marketing materials.  You have put some articles online; or have published videos; or are building Social Media relationships. Well…perhaps that’s not what you’re doing, but would love to know how to…

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Use that Energy To Build

Celebrate the Moment and Move On! It’s such a feeling of accomplishment to come to the end of a project, to realize a business goal; to see that what was once an insurmountable obstacle is now behind you! 🙂 There is much to celebrate beyond completion: persisting in the face of doubt setting aside criticisms and negativity learning new skill…

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