Are You Building Your Business in the "Pocket"?

Are You Doing Business in the “Pocket”?

Do You Stand Strong? I’m a football mom…well, a past high school provincial champion mom three times!  I loved being on the sidelines yelling “honey”!!  🙂 I loved watching the synergy between the quarterback and the receivers, the O-line creating and maintaining the pocket for the QB to throw from. My boys were safeties, kickers, and the youngest, a noseguard…

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Frozen in the Unknown

Frozen in the Unknown?

How to Break Through How many times do you find yourself frozen in the unknown of how to move forward in a project you’ve accepted? Or perhaps you have taken on a new commitment in your business with zeal, only to find out that after a few obstacles….the brakes are applied. What about those situations that you find yourself looking…

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When Time Crunches

When Time Crunches…Keep Momentum

When Bed Looks So Welcoming How many times do you get to the end of your day feeling like you can’t do one more thing?  You have managed your full time job.  You have prepared meals, done the laundry.  You listened to children play, read, got them settled.  Or spent some quality time with your spouse.  Done a little housework….

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three things for change

Three Things That Inspire Change

Change Creates Growth Many times we tend to shrink back from change because it seems that we cannot maintain control.  To stay within the security of what we know and are familiar with seems safer.  This post discusses three things that can inspire change. However, in any area of our lives, whether it’s with health, relationships, money or learning new…

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Your Voice is Important, Your Message is Heard

This Was a Big Surprise When we wonder if our voice is important, if in fact we are being heard…here is a story. Not four weeks ago, I was talking with two people about the seeming changes needed for this blog to update it for today’s audience.  It seemed to me that the style and message was becoming insignificant if…

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Going Big

Going Big without Limiting Possibilities

Those BHAGs…What? I just sat in a Mastermind Class which is always an awesome privilege!  One of the lessons learned in this group and also working in teams to build business, is the importance of managing those things that sideswipe you and perhaps have you playing “small” rather than reaching for that “BHAG” ( Big Hairy Audacious Goal) as Russell…

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Working Alone…not Connected

Do You Have a Lot of Loose Pieces ? A story of how in the renovation work of our home this spring…the analogy of the electrical being in place, with many pieces, but not connected, reminded me of how we find ourselves in business at times.    This 4 minute video speaks to that. Bringing all the Loose Ends Together…

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Would you hire yourself?

Would You Hire Yourself?

Do You Show Up Daily? First of all, most entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves of employees. Heck, a lot are in this game of building their own business just to exit the whole framework of having a “boss”, being an “employee”! In the home business industry there is no time-clock…but…the go-getter doesn’t need a punch card or payroll time ticket…they’re…

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would you hire yourself

Don’t Make This Mistake

A Hard Lesson Learned Countless men and women like myself  continue to work full-time while “building their fortune” or future from home.  It can become an all consuming journey when the learning curve, passion to succeed and expectation to achieve causes you to lose sight of this important fact.

dont underestimate the power of one

Don’t Underestimate the Power of One

Just One Life at a Time! Sometimes we see and hear or feel the message that our influence in business is negligible unless we can report big numbers or big results. That is wrong thinking that quickly feeds the procrastination factor… “well if what I do seems to make no difference…why start?” If this message doesn’t stop you dead in…

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