Breaks from Hard Core Focus

Breaks from Hard Core Focus

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Creativity Works In Cycles

In the entrepreneurial space, it takes a lot of energy to maintain the hard core focus required to keep creating.  Whether you are building physical products, building teams, online networks, online content.   The focus, mindset and determination to work while others play takes a lot out of you.

Take a Break

It’s okay to take rest breaks.  I talked about the importance of exercise and productivity here.

I mean true rest breaks.  Not allowing yourself to fret because you feel like you are not productive.

Do you find yourself cleaning your work-space? Are you organizing folders?

Are you researching new materials?

Looking for new training materials?


take two minutes for this video…

Can You Do It?

Are you able to give yourself permission to:

  • make a nice latte and relax with a novel
  • nap
  • have a relaxing conversation with your special person or friend
  • go for a walk
  • make a nice meal and share
  • have friends over
  • and make your list…:-)
It’s important…

Your creative focus needs those breaks so you can get back into your game with new energy, with new ideas, with good will from those close to you. Of course…you have to remember to get back into the saddle! lol

You may not be stuck, but just taking that necessary break!

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