Bringing Customers to You Requires a Mix of Skills

Bringing Customers to You Requires a Mix of  SkillsFour Basics in Consumer Focused Marketing

Marketing  Questions  to Ask Before You Start

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are those customers thinking about?
  • What needs do your customers have that you can meet? 
  • What time have you spent figuring out who your target market is and what they want?
  • What language does your target market most likely respond to?
  • How do they want their needs met?
  • Do they purchase online, or prefer a bricks and mortar business?
  • Is your marketing sensitive to your customer?
  • What keywords are your customers searching? 

Taking the time to think through the answers to each of these questions will go a long way for you to discover the 3 keys that are foundational to your marketing presence online.

Niche and USP –Unique Selling Position

Answering all the questions and taking time to take a  inventory who you are and how your personality reaches your market, creates your Niche and USP.  Ann Sieg has a powerful blog post to assist you with this process.This seems to be very hard work and it is because you really have to narrow down who you are marketing to

Taking the time to do this work is like an athlete training for elite performance in their sport; or a sportsman honing his target practice with a bow and arrow for a dead hit; or a child learning posture, balance, co-ordination to take the training wheels off and soar on a bicycle.

All of the preparation equips you for targeted success in your marketing, rather than a random, wide spread shot at it.

Customer Driven Marketing

The consumer drives your marketing efforts if you want results.

Once you have identified exactly who it is you are marketing to, keep the needs of your customer uppermost in your mind. The consumer of your product or service is the central focus in your customer acquisition strategy.

Each time you sit down to create content, your Ideal Customer is the person for whom you are writing or doing video for.  Have a crystal clear image of who that person is. Build your content as though your are sitting across from them in the comfort of your home having a conversation.

Four Basics in Customer Focused Marketing

  1. Solution: Is what you are marketing really responding to your consumer demands/problem or need?  You can figure this out by spending time considering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).Your personality reaches out to your market when you know who you are and the solution you are offering to your market.For example, a stay at home mom with an expertise and passion for interior design can make a win/win solution develop. This home based entrepreneur knows she wants to stay home with her baby; she has training, experience in decorating; she understands other young moms may have decorating needs with limited budgets and access to services. Her solution to the need? She can market an online service for decorating consultations with budget limitations using a customer needs survey, photos, drafting plans.
  1. Information: What methods are you using to get your message to your market? If your Ideal Customer likes to read, then of course you will write. Using video is often the quicker way to absorb new information and that’s what a lot of people prefer. You may have to get comfortable in front of a camera. Is your message about your solution clear?  Are you using tested and tried marketing strategies for exposure to your market?  In your message is it apparent who the messenger is, does your customer have a sense of who you are as a person? What steps are you taking to build a rapport, a relationship with your consumer? Do you have a contact information form in your message? Is your contact information available?
  1. Value: It is important in your marketing to be clear to your customer how your product or service will add value to their need. List the benefits of completing a purchase transaction with your product or service. Make the cost of the purchase obvious. Be sure to point out warranties, support services provided and how to access them. If there are any expectations of the customer making sacrifices to reap the reward of the product, make this plainly understood. For example, if someone subscribes to a training site like Daily Marketing Coach, make sure the consumer understands the exchange of time and effort in a learning curve for results.
  2. Access: Customer acquisition does not happen unless it’s easy to buy from you.  Whether you are promoting an online business consultation like the decorating service described, or a traditional bricks and mortar business such as selling art from a studio, make the access steps for the purchase decision simple, short, and secure. Your marketing site should list clearly the delivery options for the product or service.

Building a customer base is only the first of many steps in building your business. The relationship does not end with the purchase. There is a definite connection between customer acquisition and customer retention for a long term healthy viable business.

Enjoy the process of experiencing customer acquisition for your USP.

Bringing Customers to You Requires a Mix of  Skills

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