Build Your Customer Base and Customer Loyalty with Good Customer Service

 Build Your Customer Base and Customer Loyalty with Good Customer ServiceGood customer service becomes an added value in your internet marketing content.  Beginning with your central location, whether it is a blog or website, your visitor looks for assurance that their customer needs will be met.  This is perhaps more so with internet marketing for the simple reason, initially there is no personal contact.

Three Elements of Good Customer Service

Customer service is obvious to your potential customer by including three elements in your marketing.  In his book, Jump Start Your Business Brain, Doug Hall of Eureka! Ranch in Ohio lists this advice.

  • Make sure you are perfectly clear about the benefits your customers will receive by purchasing your product or service. There should be absolutely no doubt whatsoever regarding the benefits expected
  • Your customer should have complete satisfaction that you are able and will deliver whatever you promise.  Faithfully delivering on benefits of your product or service increases trust and  sales.
  • If you can demonstrate that your product or service surpasses what the competition has, or better yet, it is not easily available anywhere else, then customer loyalty is earned.

Customer expectations are high today with the daily massive exposure to marketing.  Therefore maintaining customer service is a task that requires constant attention.

Paying Attention to Customer Service

You have a great opportunity for achieving an excellent customer service rating when you are marketing a product or service. Build in a customer survey form in your blog or website to provide other visitors validation of the service they can expect from you through your customer base.

You can over deliver by making sure product delivery exceeds expected transport time.

When you treat your customer’s problems as if they are you own, paying close attention to detail and solutions, you earn customer loyalty.

As you listen to customer needs and communicate how you can meet those needs, your customer never feels ignored.  They will return to you for further purchases believing that they will be well served.

Put Your Customer’s Needs First

Always be transparent in your conduct of business. If you find yourself in a product or service supply delay, communicate in a timely manner with an expected solution to the problem. 

If your customer asks for services you cannot provide, say so and refer them to reliable sources to meet that need.  This strengthens your customer’s belief that you have their best interest at heart.

 Having loyal customers is the best investment you can make.  Determine to not be complacent about your customers. Maintain regular communication with them using email, but also the phone and occasionally a card or note of thanks. These simple steps go a long way to build a solid customer base and from there customer referrals.

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