Building an Online Business Has It’s Disappointments

Building an Online Business Has It's Disappointments


 Building Online Your Heart is Set on a Certain Result…But

Even though you do all you can to ready your online business for that result, you create the content, prepare the sales page, detail all the SEO, post the paid ads…and wait.

Wait some more.  It seems that it’s your turn for a return on the hard work you are doing. Disappointment looms large as you see little returns in your online business.

We sometimes wish we had the luxury of responding to disappointment like this little guy..eager to go first…but

Disappointments Happen But Are ShortLived

The hope of a better result in business helps you to move on.  Talking with your Team reveals some adjustments to be made in your online business strategy.  Your business insights become clearer with new teaching or mentoring.

It’s a known fact… a common experience to have a rhythm of highs, lows and not so lows in your online business.  Seth Godin writes a very good book, “The Dip” that addresses this very truth. A small book… your library should have a copy.  He encourages his readers to recognize the fact that their businesses will have little successes followed by valleys of inactivity. But the persistent, consistent marketer will soon see a gradual upward slope in their business volume and momentum.  Read “The Dip” for a great insight and a practical response to disappointment in business. Prepare yourself for those “dips” and plan to work through them with determination.

Disappointments are Often Followed by Success

Just like the little guy in the video…he was reassured of his turn, he celebrated someone else’s success and soon enjoyed his own.

As we build our Online Business in community with other entrepreneurs…always see encouragement in others successes. Look for the lesson in the disappointment, see the good in your business and persist.

Soon it will be your success that will be celebrated! 🙂

Pat Lee




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