Change Brings Opportunity

Change Brings Opportunity Your Own Set of Choices

In the space of owning your own business, seeking an entrepreneurial lifestyle there are some factors to consider that influence how you make your choices.  First of all, knowing what is important to you and those you love.  In other words, your values…the beliefs, lifestyle options that are necessary to stay in line with the energy you put into business.  Keeping a healthy balance. Read More→

Failure is Not An Option

Rookie to Online Brand

Failure is Not An OptionAt a recent Live Summit, training for Internet Marketing, I had the opportunity to meet and interview a young lawyer, Curt Runger from Memphis.

I met Curt October of 2013 when he first attended a live training hosted by Rich and Natasha Hazlett. As the new kid on the block, he was standing aside taking in all the training watching.

He picked up the possibility of creating a personal brand.

Curt was already an entrepreneur with breaking out of the mold and started a Law Firm as a Rookie lawyer. Successful with that he aspired to bigger things.

In this interview, Curt explains his vision. He sees how from his own personal experience, that he can make a difference for other brand new lawyers. Read More→

Ready to Hustle or Heading to the Dog Days of Summer?

While Others Yield to the Lull of Summer…

Ready to Hustle or Heading into the Dog Days of Summer?You can decide to push through and make the summer count for your business.  No matter what stage you are in your business, this is the 2nd quarter of the year…quickly summer comes and goes, then we head into the year end…will you lose momentum or gain traction through this season?

Use this time to be with people…build new networks and connections.  Offline and online…ready to hustle?

In the quiet moments of…hey…hammock time…read…read for the purpose of your own personal growth and becoming  stronger in your business. Read More→

Be Where You Want, When You Want

stockvault-landscape-beyond-arch132419 Isn’t That Part of the Freedoms?

This is one of the “whys” I’m in business.  I work full-time while building my fortune part-time as Jim Rohn has said.

He describes the excitement of lifestyle change especially after regularly earning $1000 a month in addition to your full-time salary.  Jim goes on to describe some of the material changes that can start happening that draw awareness that something’s going on for you.

For many, making even $300 to 500 extra a month makes a big difference in terms of staying ahead of financial commitments.

Regardless of dollar amounts, what I seek is being able to define my day according to what is on my personal agenda rather than my employers. Read More→

Your Unique Selling Proposition Can Change

Your Unique Selling Proposition Can ChangeIt’s Okay To Allow Your USP to Evolve

When you are coming online, or have even been online for awhile, it’s okay to feel like your first direction in your Unique Selling Proposition doesn’t feel right anymore.

You have worked in one area, tested out the market, developed as a person or simply are changing your product or service and there’s a different “side” of you that you want to position yourself as a leader.

Go for it. Read More→

Have You Overcome the First Hurdle in Online Marketing?

Have You Overcome the First Hurdle in Online Marketing?

Marketing Online Means Putting You First…

At a recent Live Event, Curt Johnson and I spent several opportunities to talk about marketing together.

One of the important conversations we had covered the topic of what marketers, whether network marketers or small business have to figure out before they have success online.

This interview is the first of three parts as we discuss the first hurdle to overcome when coming online. Read More→

Targeting a Small Group…Builds Your Business

Does Targeting a Small Group Make You Nervous?

How to Save Money With a Small MarketDoes reaching out to a small group of people for your business feel like you are limiting your reach and potential?

Do you feel like you need get your message out to as many people as you can?

Let me reassure you that it’s okay!…Your business will get results with a narrow target. This is called your Niche.  In fact, you will have better results when you take the time to figure out that small group…which is your “Niche”.

This video talks more about that…have a quick listen. Read More→

How to Save Money With a Small Market

Narrow Casting#2 Key to Successful Online Attraction Marketing.

The next key to figure out is who it is you are actually going to focus on in your marketing.  This step has two parts.

You have to know who your audience is going to be.  Thinking that you can spread your marketing message out to the masses is not going to bring customers to your business.  For that matter, it likely won’t even bring attentive readers to your content. Read More→

How to Find Your Hot Market

Niche Market3 Keys To Successful Attraction Marketing

1. Knowing what you are selling and why anybody should buy from you rather than your competitor. You can find out more about that here.
2. Figuring out who you are selling too as in the large group interested in what you are selling and have money to buy from you.  This is called your “niche ” as discussed here.
3.Then you have to pull out from that large group, your niche, your ideal customer. This is the person who’s story you make a complete picture. Write this story out, reread it often, find an image of your Ideal customer and post it near your work space. You want to  understand her/him well so that you can write and create content that makes sense to them. Read More→

Use Social Media to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Social MediaIs Social Media Working For Your Business?

Attraction Marketing in the form of giving valuable content includes what you are doing in Social Media.  
Speaking of which, keep in mind that everything you do in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media platforms  leave a “forever” trail of influence.  Don’t be posting pictures, comments, that you wouldn’t want your boss, your Grandma or child to see.  Read More→