5* Experience For Your Customer Both Live and Online

5* experience for your customer both live and Online

5 Star Service Should Be Expected

That’s what means the most to veteran salon owner, speaker and consultant Helen Willsher.

Helen is passionate about empowering business owners in the beauty industry to serve their customers with an expected five star experience.

She knows that enabling them to create a standard in their shops no matter who provides the service…or who is receiving it…will grow their bottom line.

Find out the two pivotal shifts she teaches that makes all the difference to a service industry that relies on repeat business and referrals. Read More→

Failure is Not An Option

Rookie to Online Brand

Failure is Not An OptionAt a recent Live Summit, training for Internet Marketing, I had the opportunity to meet and interview a young lawyer, Curt Runger from Memphis.

I met Curt October of 2013 when he first attended a live training hosted by Rich and Natasha Hazlett. As the new kid on the block, he was standing aside taking in all the training watching.

He picked up the possibility of creating a personal brand.

Curt was already an entrepreneur with breaking out of the mold and started a Law Firm as a Rookie lawyer. Successful with that he aspired to bigger things.

In this interview, Curt explains his vision. He sees how from his own personal experience, that he can make a difference for other brand new lawyers. Read More→

How Does Your Passion Build Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Is It Hard to Look In the Mirror and List Your Strengths For USP?

What's Your Passion that Builds Your Unique Selling Proposition?In talking with callers weekly on a coaching call that invites volunteers to talk about USP and Niche. It’s very interesting to note that listing the things we’re good at is tough coming from our own perspective.  It seems we’ve been taught to minimize our passions and strengths…to take giftedness for granted. We don’t see what sets us apart.

I love what happens when we encourage callers to begin listing their life experiences, what other people would say about them. A good thing often happens when putting all this together results in a lightbulb coming on 🙂 The USP begins to emerge. Read More→

Moving Your Offline Business … Online…

Offline Business Moving Online is a Big Step

Moving Your Offline Business ... Online...

I know that you might think, well I’ll just use the “cookie cutter” site the company provides me and business will be great.

It’s wonderful to think it might be that easy, but…you need to know that the Search Engines don’t pay any attention to those kinds of sites that are only differentiated from each other by the Sales Rep name.

That means that any advertising you do isn’t going to get much traffic except maybe for Facebook ads. You’ll find though that today’s consumer is pretty quick to recognize a corporate site and not spend much time there. Read More→

Why “Branded” with Ree Rote

Why "Branded" with Ree RoteBranded…Fast Forwarding Your Business

My story tells about my journey to get online.  I was so relieved to finally find mentors to bring all the pieces together to build a business online.

Two of these mentors are Natasha and Rich Hazlett. A couple who have taken their expertise to build “Branded 100% Authentic” a training platform for entrepreneurs.  Natasha was able to quit her full time attorney position to join Rich at home building their business. Read More→

How to Save Time and Money in Your Business

Part 2 Interview with Natasha Hazlett:  Why Working Alone Does Not Save Time and Money

How to Save Time and Money in Your Business When I started out in the online space, I tried to figure it out on my own.  That was many years ago.  It didn’t work for me.  Yes I had training materials and even an “over my shoulder” tutorial course.

What I found was that when I got stuck on a techie thing…I was stuck, there was no one to put a question in front of. A few rounds of this and I was done. Read More→

Pulling Back the Curtain on The Secret To Online Business Success

Learning the Secrets: Part 1 Interview with Natasha Hazlett

Pulling Back the Curtain on The Secret To Online Success It’s interesting to talk with a veteran marketer like Natasha Hazlett who has been in the industry for 7 years.  In 2012 she was able to quite her full time attorney job to work full time with her husband in their online business.

Natasha shares how she realized that there were some basic lessons new marketers to the online space were missing. Read More→

How Will You Support Your New Customer?

Customer Relationship Management Is VIP to Your Business

How Will You Support Your New Customer?Managing customer relationships is different for each business owner. You bring to the table your own style and experience in managing your business and business relationships.  This discussion is solely for a springboard of thought for you who are brand new to managing your Home Based Business and are looking for some guidelines.

Action Steps for Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

The following are action steps as simply a guideline for managing your relationships with your customers once they have joined your team. Read More→

Build Your Customer Base and Customer Loyalty with Good Customer Service

 Build Your Customer Base and Customer Loyalty with Good Customer ServiceGood customer service becomes an added value in your internet marketing content.  Beginning with your central location, whether it is a blog or website, your visitor looks for assurance that their customer needs will be met.  This is perhaps more so with internet marketing for the simple reason, initially there is no personal contact. Read More→