Frozen in the Unknown?

Frozen in the UnknownHow to Break Through

How many times do you find yourself frozen in the unknown of how to move forward in a project you’ve accepted? Or perhaps you have taken on a new commitment in your business with zeal, only to find out that after a few obstacles….the brakes are applied.

What about those situations that you find yourself looking at others doing similar things you’re attempting and rocking it, but your results are disappointing?   That’s a hard one…it’s tough, but…you must understand that comparing your journey with that of another person is plain, and simple the last thing to do.

Your journey is your own…and never to be compared to someone else! Read More→

When Time Crunches…Keep Momentum

When Time CrunchesWhen Bed Looks So Welcoming

How many times do you get to the end of your day feeling like you can’t do one more thing?  You have managed your full time job.  You have prepared meals, done the laundry.  You listened to children play, read, got them settled.  Or spent some quality time with your spouse.  Done a little housework. Perhaps you’re just getting home from that volunteer event. Maybe you have even taken some time for yourself to relax….

Then you remember!

Your business…the time you committed to connecting with new friends on Social Media.  Perhaps you have team members to call. Or is it month end and there are volumes to consider? No matter what, there is that press of showing up in your business tonight.

All you want to do is get into PJs and climb into bed….to start yet another day of the same?

Wait…Here’s A Plan!

Promise yourself, no matter what… you will do one thing before you climb into that bed.   You will post to Social Media.  You might send an email to your group…or even draft one.  You might start a draft of a blog post and over the week, add content to it until it’s ready to publish.

You might look in a different group in Social Media to connect with new people each night for 10 minutes.

You could find images for your memes.  Save quotes that resonate with you to use at the right time.

When you accomplish one task…even one every. single. day.  Then your momentum keeps swinging.  The arc may be small, but there is movement forward.

Can you do it?

Can you promise yourself that no matter what…your head doesn’t hit that pillow until one thing is done?

Be Determined to Do This…

When you find that you are crunching time for your business, make the very pleasant discovery that 15 minutes gets a lot accomplished.

I’m always surprised when I sit down at the computer to work with a plan in mind, how much can actually be done.

When you can close your day…even with time crunch action…you stay in momentum.  Days don’t turn into weeks that turn into months.  Ready  to take the challenge?  Listen to this video

Celebrate Taking Even One Action


Keep in mind that staying in the process of building your business, will in fact, compound to bring you results.

Let that time crunch serve you to press to take action, some action every day before you allow yourself to go to bed. You’ll be glad you did.

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If you are looking or open to a business opportunity and have 10 minutes, have a look here.

Working Alone…not Connected

Do You Have a Lot of Loose Pieces ?

A story of how in the renovation work of our home this spring…the analogy of the electrical being in place, with many pieces, but not connected, reminded me of how we find ourselves in business at times.    This 4 minute video speaks to that.

Bringing all the Loose Ends Together

working alone but not connected...Hopefully none of us have electrical panels that look like this, but…sometimes our business collection of courses, books, strategies feel like this jumble of switches and wires.

Having knowledge is never a mistake.  However, forever being a student of marketing, a consumer of webinars, attending live events…without setting a course of action to accomplish goals, leaves you feeling like you’re in a jumble of information.

I recently became a participant in a generic network marketing group that takes all these pieces and puts things into order, challenging members to take action.  Daily training for professional network marketing is provided, mindset training is covered. Then a simple action step is provided for both the novice and veteran marketer to achieve that day.

That’s what I’m referring to with regards to being connected.

Find a group, either within your MLM, your business team, your family to keep you accountable for action.  Better yet have that training and narrow focus on your business to motivate you.  Creating simple habitual business activities that become daily disciplines.

A coach is always a great investment especially if you are working part time.  There is no better way to keep on target and stay connected with your business.

Order and Results Can be Achieved

When you decide what the most important tasks for your business are every single day.  Those actions that move you towards making money, these tasks can be listed in priority.  Perhaps start with two, to avoid overwhelm.  Is it calling customers thanking them for their loyalty?  Is it reaching out to people on your favorite Social Media platform to make new connections.  Whatever it is, be consistent.

Soon the seeming chaos and disorder will have order and you will see results.  These results will keep you connecting with your team, your new customers and feeling connected to yourself, your mission and goals.

Email or PM me if you are looking for ways to be connected.

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Would You Hire Yourself?

Do You Show Up Daily?

First of all, most entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves of employees. Heck, a lot are in this game of building their own business just to exit the whole framework of having a “boss”, being an “employee”!

In the home business industry there is no time-clock…but…the go-getter doesn’t need a punch card or payroll time ticket…they’re driven to achieve.

But there’s a hitch…when juggling the j.o.b. and relationships and then your home business…a niggling awareness of the challenge to show up daily.  Then the “little voices” on your shoulder distracting you, telling you to put it off for another time.

Procrastination…Happens to the Best

Do you get to the end of yet another day with the realization that once again your intentions to take action are still intentions…?

You are not alone.

At the same time…knowing that there’s a world of folks that share that same frustration doesn’t serve you to give yourself permission to continue putting things off.  This is your life, this is your business.  Your hopes, goals are still there waiting to be reached.  You have family and friends, watching for your results.

That can open up a whole other conversation.

Let’s link arms here.   Your success is within reach.  It may take longer that you anticipated but…don’t let go of them.

So what is the answer to procrastination?

Even if  You Only Have Minutes at a Time

Here’s a short video speaking to the power of using even 15 segments of time to move your business forward.  It’s only just over 2 minutes.



Getting a Handle on those Minutes that Slip Away

Here’s a list of action steps that will help you take your control back of your time.

  1. Treat your business like a second job. Approach it with the same punctuality that you attend your job.
  2. Negotiate with your family and significant others…or yourself, prescribed hours that you are working on your business.
  3. Keep those hours, set Social Media off, shut the door and focus on the most important activities for that day.
  4. Approach your business with a plan.  Identify the activities that will make you money
  5. Make a list of daily actions, we call it Daily Method of Operations, action you will take every day. Post it at your work space as a guide
  6. Every night, list the End of Day results, review your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) for the next day as you approach your sleep.

This is an abbreviated guideline to becoming regular in income producing activities for your business.  I would add that you know what your business needs.  If you are lost in this…reach out to me and let’s talk.   Find a mentor in your circle, MLM or  online community to be accountable.

Celebrate every and any success with your support system. Release fun, good energy and accountability with those who are closest to you.

This week, take this list of action steps and rob procrastination of it’s power to cause you to stumble in pursuit of your goals.

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Don’t Make This Mistake

A Hard Lesson Learned

Don't make this mistakeCountless men and women like myself  continue to work full-time while “building their fortune” or future from home.  It can become an all consuming journey when the learning curve, passion to succeed and expectation to achieve causes you to lose sight of this important fact. Read More→

Did You See This About “You Economy”?

Did You See This About "You Economy"?9 Points of  “You Economy”

William Deresiewicz in his article in the New York Times ” Generation Sell” makes some remarkable observations on the status of the generation we call the Millennials.  These are 20-30 year olds who are go-getters.  They are dropping the counter culture behaviors of the previous generations to embrace something different for their statement…their life work. Read More→

The Process Works…Trust It!

The Process Works...Trust It!

Photo: Jade

Watching But…It Seems Quiet

When you are a student of Online Marketing and especially if you are working with a coach/mentor, you perhaps have learned and put in place, marketing materials.  You have put some articles online; or have published videos; or are building Social Media relationships.

Well…perhaps that’s not what you’re doing, but would love to know how to actually create an Internet presence!  You know that people are getting results with Online content but haven’t figured out how.

For those of you who have created your personal blog…have been building an online presence, be encouraged.  When your message is crafted for your perfect client…you will be found. In the meantime…you are watching for action.

You Will be Found

Trust the Process

When you have spent the time to determine who your perfect client is, and understand what they want, the process works.

You can create a message that is specific to the market you are targeting.

Your message will be found. Keep putting it out there. I just had the experience this week of someone finding and reaching out to me after typing in her search words.

If you are new to this and are looking for a better understanding of what this is all about, hook up with me. Let’s have a bonus Strategy Session to understand the process I’m talking about.

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Use that Energy To Build

Use that Energy To Build

Photo Sioda

Celebrate the Moment and Move On!

It’s such a feeling of accomplishment to come to the end of a project, to realize a business goal; to see that what was once an insurmountable obstacle is now behind you! 🙂

There is much to celebrate beyond completion:

  • persisting in the face of doubt
  • setting aside criticisms and negativity
  • learning new skill sets
  • managing workload
  • recording the journey
  • staying focused
  • prioritizing

There’s a lot of great energy in this moment. A celebration well deserved.

 Now What…

Be aware of a lull, a empty space that can do one of two things: draw you into a sense of sadness and loss…or…restore a balance between too little and too much stimuli!

Yes! Use your positive energy to steer you on to a new goal in your business!

The Journey…

Considering new ideas, creating a plan or goal, then achieving that new level of accomplishment can set the stage for steady incremental growth in your business.  If you have done it once…you can do this again! 🙂

I’ve heard the phrase “rinse and repeat”, meaning make any necessary tweaks to fine tune the process and start all over again!

Success takes time and showing up in your business, let every celebration spur you on!

Shall we talk about that?  Leave a comment below.
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Keeping It Narrow

Keeping It Narrow

photo: Mrooczek262

Approaching Your Work with Tunnel Vision!

It’s so refreshing to approach your day and business building venture with tunnel vision.  Keeping it narrow…focusing on the goals you have set, using a visual reminder of the order of things to get done.

Keep the Focus

Until you can check off your list as complete, celebrate your goal as done, keep all the other stimuli coming at you contained.  You’ll have plenty of distractions trying to steer you away from the narrow focus you have made.  Take your power over that.

Feels Good Eh!

It feels good to know that you can recognize when too much is too much and it’s not serving you! Simply create rules for emails to go into assigned folders for viewing intentionally.  Choose to unsubscribe from some lists if they don’t serve you.  Set a designated time for social media.

It’s about focus, action and results for your personal growth and business!

Enjoy the journey :-)!
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Let Micro-Goals Power Your Day

Let Micro-Goals Power Your Day

photo: JessicaGale

Make The Most of Goals

Setting goals is easy to do for the month, year or longer.  Those goals tend to keep your attention off in the future which doesn’t serve you well today…for the next twelve hours.

When you keep goals set for each day, you will find two things happening…

First, you know exactly what you expect to get done that day and can evaluate your results.

Secondly, and most important…when you know what the micro-goal is, you can look at all those activities, media distractions, any thing that doesn’t help you accomplish this goal and set them aside.

Take Control

Recognizing when an activity is just draining you of time and energy, then choosing to either be rid of it…or file for another time is empowering.


Setting Power Goals

I think 12 hour goals are power goals.  You make up your mind about what needs to get done and set out to do it!

Jim Rohn, masterful teacher on personal growth and business says this about goals: “Goal-setting is powerful because it provides focus. It shapes our dreams. It gives us the ability to hone in on the exact actions we need to perform to achieve everything we desire in life. Goals are great because they cause us to stretch and grow in ways that we never have before. In order to reach our goals, we must become better.”

When we are pushing through comfort zones on a daily basis, personal and business growth happens.

You can read 4 tips for setting goals Jim Rohn gave here.

Does making daily specific goals make sense to you? Leave a comment below.

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