Don’t Underestimate the Power of One

Just One Life at a Time!

dont underestimate the power of oneSometimes we see and hear or feel the message that our influence in business is negligible unless we can report big numbers or big results.

That is wrong thinking that quickly feeds the procrastination factor… “well if what I do seems to make no difference…why start?”

If this message doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks…you may find yourself fighting negative thoughts continually!

The truth is, the world is changed… one life at a time! Read More→

Are You ready for the “You Economy”?

are you ready for the "you economy"?

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A Shift is Happening

The numbers are showing that every day more people are exploring their options to create their own income.  Especially in the USA, men and women are turning to the entrepreneurial economy. There was a time when industry, corporations shaped how we lived our lives and made a living.  Now with the need to squeeze more out of the workforce while offering less in return…there is a revolt.

There is a growing trend creating a “You Economy”.  Tara Gentile writes a great piece on this here.

Have you gotten a ride in an Uber car…or how about a Lyft ride?  Do you have home cooked meals delivered to your door?  How many people do you know that have housecleaning services? My nephew set up an AirBnB business last summer.  Direct Selling is becoming the new professional.  Eric Worre is on a path to create a whole new generation of Network Marketing Professionals.   My grandchildren benefit from the artisans marketing their goods on Etsy.  Then there is the Ecommerce space.  Either dropshipping or Fulfillment By Amazon.  Read More→

You Know More Than You Think

You Know More Than You Think

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It Seems Like a Whirl of Info But…

Whether you are a brand new business owner; or you have been in business for yourself awhile as a student of business, it’s the same.  The early steep learning curve. Learning to build a sales process, getting online with your business…it’s my guess you’ve read articles, books, attended webinars and bought training of some sort.

I know that it can quickly feeling like overwhelm, or the fire hose of too much too fast.  However as  you begin to slowly, tentatively start putting into practice some of the new tools you’ve bought or have been trained in, it starts to make a difference.    Just like this elephant in this picture who can see everything…you begin to see the big picture too.

The spinning vortex of enthusiasm, information, obstacles, encouragement all begin to slow down and you are seeing shape take place in a system for your business.

How long does it take?

You may be very pleasantly surprised how much edge you can achieve in your circle of influence in just a short time.  I was talking with a former client of mine today from a year ago.  She was offering tutoring for someone considering using the same platform as her.  That was just 12 months of working in a brand new software and she was ready to teach some else. She quickly moved from spinning, to clarity in what she was doing.

You Do Know More

Work in Confidence

If I have regretted anything in the Online space, it is the fact that I stepped out in 2010. I stopped the momentum of relationships I had; stopped being present. Take from that lesson that there is the “compound effect” Darren Hardy writes about. Your knowledge base grows one step at a time, your level of influence grows. Don’t let that stop. You know more than you think.  You have value to offer to those people who need your solutions to their problem.

Now, if you do feel that you’re spinning your wheels some, then there is a solution for that. Let’s talk about that in a short Strategy Session.

Just be reassured that if you’re here, reading this and other posts like it?  You know more than you think!

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Make A Mountain into a Molehill…

Make A Mountain into a Molehill...

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Take Your Big Project…Break It Down

It’s awesome to have a big goal before you to direct your focus and energy.  I have one right now that spans 60 days.  If I took on all the tasks before me in one day or even week, I’d quit before I started.

But here’s the deal. You can set your goal…make it big.


Back engineer.  In other words figure out what actions you have to take to accomplish your goal.  Map those actions out in chunks of time. On a calendar, your day-timer, whiteboard…notebook…schedule the action steps you want to do. Read More→

Stuck?…It Happens To The Best of Us

Stuck?...It Happens To the Best of Us

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Doesn’t Feel Great But…

There is hope.  Stuff comes at us that takes the wind out of our sails.  Pressure piles up making it feel like we are stuck in a snowbank just like the car.

It can be totally frustrating.  Watching others make steady progress. Feeling personal overwhelm, and sometimes, fear. Heck, lots of feelings surface that surprise you!

I’ve Been There and Done That

Choose To Be In Control

We choose our response.  It’s a decision.

Yes…it starts in our head, then finds it’s way into our “heart”. Then when we “own” those thoughts/belief in ourselves then we get into action…or not!

Let stress be a motivator for you, that magic place between too little stimulus and too much.  Control pressure sneaking up on you as it will get you back in the snowbank!

As entrepreneurs, we can only allow that stuck feeling to be a very short season. Otherwise momentum is lost, creativity  fizzles, relationships dry up.

Self doubt sabotages.  Recognize when that is creeping up and stay in control.  Here are 5 quick tips to help you keep moving forward.

Believing in you to make it happen in your business.
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Is Success Worth It Left Alone?

It’s Way More Fun!

Is Success Worth It Left Alone

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Wow! The early excitement of building your business can really catch you unawares!

The challenges of learning new skills, the chase of getting goals reached can find you immersed in a world that is rewarding, fulfilling…yet leaving somebody standing by wondering!

That special person in your life is wondering where they fit in now with your new adventure.  Watch the video for more on that.

Keep Your Significant Other Happy 🙂

I’m not saying that relationships will tank…but…becoming so caught up with your business, especially in the digital world, can create a wall of silence or parting of interests.

Do all you can to keep your partner informed in your progress.

  • Include them in setting your goals
  • Review your daily schedule
  • Explain the path you’re on
  • Introduce your new friends to your partner
  • Celebrate your wins and share the not so great moments…keep them in the loop.
  • Most importantly, schedule your together time daily, and special time weekly.

Working Forward With Joy

Having your personal support team is way more fun than soaring off into a business path leaving the most important person in your life on the side lines.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this topic, leave a comment below 🙂

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Choices…We Make Them…and Offer Them!

Choices can change your life
Everyday we make choices.

There are times when we are on the receiving end of an offer being made.

How do you respond?

Do you:
Shut down thinking…I’m on a path, I don’t want anything different?
Listen to learn what open doors may come your way?
Watch and see what you can take from this conversation to put into practice in your own business?
Interrupt, trying to turn the tables to be the presenter?

How do you put a choice in front of someone? Read More→

Playing it Safe or On the Edge?

purple cowSeth Godin in his remarkable little book tells great stories that clearly shows the shifts in change in how marketing works. He gives examples of companies trying to survive throwing money at an advertising budgets that no one is paying attention to!

Rather than play it safe with all that is familiar…he urges companies, business owners to  be on the edge.

He sets a good case for the need to break out of doing the same thing over and over and look for new ways to market your product and service.

This little book is packed with insights on why and how to get the attention of those who buy and tell everyone else about their purchase…starting a wave of sales! ( and he has a very apt term for them!)

Godin spends a lot of words telling stories and setting the stage for actually listening to what the customer wants and then delivering goods to meet that demand.  Novel idea!

Why Purple Cow…what is the story behind how that thought idea became this remarkable little book?

Let me give you the setting….

For a quick read…you can pick up this “remarkable” book here! 🙂

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Just 3 Things to Bring Results

It comes down to three simple things that bring results in your business.

The first sometimes is difficult to harness and bring into control…can you guess? Yep…

It’s your thoughts…what happens in your mind…like the small rudder of a huge ship…your day, your results.

Our thoughts give root to the words that we speak that has a huge influence in the next step.

Action. Actions are the end product of our thoughts and words.

Will they be acts made with confidence and consistency because our thoughts and words are full of positive expectatations.

Listen to this short video for more on that.

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Urgency in Leadership

Urgency in LeadershipKnowing the Goals…Setting the Pace

Working in teams there are all kinds of leadership styles. This post talks about being a leader with urgency in your step, communications action.

I’m certainly not talking about the kind of urgency that spouts off  with impatience; spins in circles of disorganization; or leads with anxiety.

As a leader who has established your monthly goals for yourself or your team, you know what the priorities are, you know what growth can be accomplished from one business period to the next. Read More→