Would You Hire Yourself?

Do You Show Up Daily?

First of all, most entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves of employees. Heck, a lot are in this game of building their own business just to exit the whole framework of having a “boss”, being an “employee”!

In the home business industry there is no time-clock…but…the go-getter doesn’t need a punch card or payroll time ticket…they’re driven to achieve.

But there’s a hitch…when juggling the j.o.b. and relationships and then your home business…a niggling awareness of the challenge to show up daily.  Then the “little voices” on your shoulder distracting you, telling you to put it off for another time.

Procrastination…Happens to the Best

Do you get to the end of yet another day with the realization that once again your intentions to take action are still intentions…?

You are not alone.

At the same time…knowing that there’s a world of folks that share that same frustration doesn’t serve you to give yourself permission to continue putting things off.  This is your life, this is your business.  Your hopes, goals are still there waiting to be reached.  You have family and friends, watching for your results.

That can open up a whole other conversation.

Let’s link arms here.   Your success is within reach.  It may take longer that you anticipated but…don’t let go of them.

So what is the answer to procrastination?

Even if  You Only Have Minutes at a Time

Here’s a short video speaking to the power of using even 15 segments of time to move your business forward.  It’s only just over 2 minutes.



Getting a Handle on those Minutes that Slip Away

Here’s a list of action steps that will help you take your control back of your time.

  1. Treat your business like a second job. Approach it with the same punctuality that you attend your job.
  2. Negotiate with your family and significant others…or yourself, prescribed hours that you are working on your business.
  3. Keep those hours, set Social Media off, shut the door and focus on the most important activities for that day.
  4. Approach your business with a plan.  Identify the activities that will make you money
  5. Make a list of daily actions, we call it Daily Method of Operations, action you will take every day. Post it at your work space as a guide
  6. Every night, list the End of Day results, review your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) for the next day as you approach your sleep.

This is an abbreviated guideline to becoming regular in income producing activities for your business.  I would add that you know what your business needs.  If you are lost in this…reach out to me and let’s talk.   Find a mentor in your circle, MLM or  online community to be accountable.

Celebrate every and any success with your support system. Release fun, good energy and accountability with those who are closest to you.

This week, take this list of action steps and rob procrastination of it’s power to cause you to stumble in pursuit of your goals.

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Did You See This About “You Economy”?

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Change Brings Opportunity

Change Brings Opportunity Your Own Set of Choices

In the space of owning your own business, seeking an entrepreneurial lifestyle there are some factors to consider that influence how you make your choices.  First of all, knowing what is important to you and those you love.  In other words, your values…the beliefs, lifestyle options that are necessary to stay in line with the energy you put into business.  Keeping a healthy balance. Read More→

Will Limitations Define You?

Will Limitations Define You?

photo: linart

When It Seems Too Hard…Do This

Just like this image, it’s easy to feel a little broken, rusty…not expecting to shine too well in our endeavors.


That’s a decision.  You can choose to allow limitations to keep you stuck or be the door to change!

There’s absolutely no reason to let limitations define who you are! As a matter of fact, let them become a starting point to make powerful progress in your life and  business. 🙂 Identify every thing you think is holding you back.

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Stuck?…It Happens To The Best of Us

Stuck?...It Happens To the Best of Us

Photo by: ZeroSilence3

Doesn’t Feel Great But…

There is hope.  Stuff comes at us that takes the wind out of our sails.  Pressure piles up making it feel like we are stuck in a snowbank just like the car.

It can be totally frustrating.  Watching others make steady progress. Feeling personal overwhelm, and sometimes, fear. Heck, lots of feelings surface that surprise you!

I’ve Been There and Done That

Choose To Be In Control

We choose our response.  It’s a decision.

Yes…it starts in our head, then finds it’s way into our “heart”. Then when we “own” those thoughts/belief in ourselves then we get into action…or not!

Let stress be a motivator for you, that magic place between too little stimulus and too much.  Control pressure sneaking up on you as it will get you back in the snowbank!

As entrepreneurs, we can only allow that stuck feeling to be a very short season. Otherwise momentum is lost, creativity  fizzles, relationships dry up.

Self doubt sabotages.  Recognize when that is creeping up and stay in control.  Here are 5 quick tips to help you keep moving forward.

Believing in you to make it happen in your business.
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All The Gadgets Don’t Count Unless …

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Simple right?

Just plan your calendar, put technology to work and sit back to enjoy the sunset!

Nope, it didn’t work that way.

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Results Don’t Happen Easily

leadership-urgencyDoes that disappoint you?

It surprised Kim!

In this interview she reveals her surprise that years of corporate habits fell by the wayside in retirement.

She soon recognized what she had to do in order to realize her goals for her online business.

Even though she got up at the crack of dawn every day with her internal clock…some of the other disciplines slipped.

This cost her time.

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Will it be…Derailed…or Show Up?

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Something else nearly did until she discovered a very central truth…

Busy in her corporate job that has her traveling from country to country, Christina describes in this interview the key she discovered to bringing her business idea online.

I met Christina in an Online mentoring community.

How special to meet in person and bring that internet friendship face to face in an intimate live training!

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How Thinking Builds Energy for Success!

Get the Energy for "How-to" By Having a "Can to" AttitudeSuccess Starts with Your “Can To”

What does that mean?  It simply refers to the inner belief that you have about your ability to achieve whatever it is you choose.  David Schwartz says in his book, “The Magic of Thinking Big” that belief works like this: ” Belief, the “I’m-positive-I-can” attitude, generates the power, skill, and energy needed to do.  When you believe “I-can-do-it”, the “how-to-do-it” develops.”

So success really does start with you.  No one can take away your inner determination to achieve your goals and desires.  In business…to achieve bringing in leads and sales.

It’s easy to settle into a routine that says, “well, I’m getting something done…my costs are covered…”

But those business owners that march across the stage of their MLM conventions; business owners that vacation more than they work; business owners that lead many others  to success… nurture an attitude that says ” I’m going to the top”!  Read More→

Do You Hang On To Or …Toss the Ball?

Decisions-Taking Responsibility

Do You Hang On To Or ...Toss the Ball?Every week I face decisions that make an impact on the direction of my business.

That’s all part of becoming a leader. a leader you can follow with confidence , a leader your team learns to trust well. Being decisive.

It would be an assumption that anyone who is building a business, or leading a team knows that making decisions are part of the job description! ( if you’ve made a job description for yourself !!) Read More→