Fanpages…It’s not the Numbers, But Engagement

Fanpages...It's not the Numbers, But EngagementIt’s About Building A Following Engaged  In Your Posts

There is a lot of teaching about how to increase your Fanpage following by promoting your page either by free traffic through activities like Fanpage Friday Parties, the “ladder” approach and the like.

You can pay for traffic for the specific purpose of increasing your Fanpage following.

While all of this is great exposure, it is questionable whether you are really gaining an audience on what you are posting. Read More→

3 Tips In Social Media To Build Business

3 Tips In Social Media To Build BusinessMaking Sense of Social Media for Your Business

Social Media platforms are key to building a network of people with whom you can develop a relationship with.

In business, trust and transparency are key to having your best customer want to hear from you. Being able to have folks engage and respond to your posts begins a path to relationships.

Getting started in Social Media is a challenge to new online business owners.  There is a uncertainty regarding how to get started, what to do to build traffic.  Being uncomfortable with the process results in simply not getting started.  Read More→

Fine Tune Your Marketing with Pay Per Click Ads

Fine Tune Your Marketing with Pay Per Click AdsAre You Reaching Your Target Audience with Pay Per Click Ads?

The key with Pay Per Click (PPC) is spending your dollars where your Ideal Customer sees your ad and responds. That is easier said than done!  Rich Hazlett has spent years in the Executive Advertising field before becoming an full-time online business owner and marketer. He brings to the discussion  expert experience both from his personal business enterprise and that of former clients.

What Rich sees as most important is the client targeting their Pay Per Click ads where they’ll get results. It takes an investment of funds to get enough traffic to your business to see if you are getting leads or sales. It is better to know early what is working and what needs to be changed.

Listen to these final comments in my interview with Rich on how PPC works for you to have leads and sales in your business.

If you missed the first two parts of this interview, be sure to catch part 1 here and part 2 at this post.

Rich has provided awesome training in his materials, The Fast Forward Guide to Social Media PPC.

Get your copy of his training here.

Social_Media_PPCPat Lee

Pay Per Click Ads Provide Targeted Results

Rich_part_2This is the second part of an interview I had with Rich Hazlett of Boise Idaho, Co Owner with his wife Natasha, of Fast Forward Marketing. Listen to the first half of the video here.

As Rich explains in the video, making a decision to use paid advertising is like having a “missile guided rocket” where you can assess the best destination for the best results for your business. Read More→

How Pay Per Click Ads Save You Money

 Pay Per Click Advertising Does More Than Bring Traffic to Your Business

How Pay Per Click Ads Save MoneyRich Hazlett author of Social Media PPC and The Lead Whisperer took some time to talk with me at a Live Event in Boise.  

Rich is an expert in Pay Per Click advertising, watching the results and making adjustments.
Listen to our conversation here on the topic of paid advertising and how the rookie entrepreneur is in control of the game plan. Read More→

2 Steps to Making Money Online with Attraction Marketing

2 Steps to Making Money Online with Attraction Marketing  Attraction Marketing to A Small Target Group

1.First, determine what you’re selling, determine what group to target having interest and money to build your business with, and identify your target Ideal Customer . Then build a well of content for your Ideal Customer In your blog; within Social media; videos and grow into live webinars.  
Having good content focused on your Ideal Customer is the foundation of your business.
Decide what you are going to offer as a free gift on your blog inviting your reader leave their name and email in exchange for your gift. Your email marketing list begins to grow with this exchange.

Using SEO to Attract Your Market to Your Blog

2.Traffic to your blog can take several forms.  As you build your online business be mindful of the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the intentional use of certain words your Ideal Customer is keying into Google looking for information that you are writing about.  
The rules for SEO. change but there are basic guidelines to follow. This form of traffic takes time, but over time it does become organic helping your page rise to the top of the search engines.  The coveted position is to be found on page one of Google for your keywords. 
Paid traffic accomplishes a much different result. 
Pat Lee

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 2

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 2Make Your Content Original

Just like going to corporate sites, leave you with a feeling that no one is really engaging with you, content that is not written with your Ideal Customer first and foremost in your mind, misses the target! ( pun intended 🙂 )

Your articles for your websites catch the best attention if they are original.

Did you know that you can just go to to gather content from article directories? Marketers with do this as a means of generating content. This material is not unique to you and somehow does not catch as much attention as your own writing, even if you package it in a new format. Read More→

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important

As an Online marketers today, you are in the business of achieving not only exposure on the internet, but also working to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Lots of time, money and energy can be spent on creating content for the internet. At the same time, lots of money can be lost if network-marketers miss accomplishing Search Engine Optimization. Read More→

SEO Tips For Your Blog Posts

SEO Tips For Your Blog PostsSix Tips to Remember about SEO

Driving targeted traffic to their websites is one of the goals online marketers have today who are in the business of achieving a successful business strategy on the Internet. 

Lots of time, money and energy can be spent on creating content for the internet. At the same time, lots of money can be lost if marketers miss accomplishing Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Read More→

When They Can’t Touch Your Goods, How Do You Get Sales?

When They Can’t Touch Your Goods, How Do You Get Sales?Four Reasons Why You Should Read this Article.

  •  you will have an understanding of the importance of engaging your site guest early in their visit to keep them on the page.
  •  read of an example of how I was “hooked” to take action this week with sales copy
  •  understand what it is you want to know about your customer before you create a sales funnel
  • get a short list of triggers that work to have customers engage with you.All around us we see people interacting with their smart screens. More and more the consumers are making purchases online.

There is a difference between the buying experience in the brick and mortar store than buying something online. What happens that these sales are being made with a touch of the finger? Read More→