Challenges…What You Can Take Away From Them?

Challenges Provide Opportunity for Growth

Challenges...What You Can Take Away From Them?I said in the video this was the 2nd challenge in 6 months.  Well, it was actually the 5th one!  Two blog post challenges, another video challenge and then a industry wide challenge.  You bet it gave me an opportunity for growth.

I would say that it’s fine with me if my earlier blog posts don’t see the light of day again!  They are not my best content! lol But…they were a start on a new venture that 12 months ago seemed impossible.  That is what challenges do for me and I’m sure you will find to. Everything you do in your challenges builds on competency and quality of your work. So rather than shy away from an invitation to a challenge…grab it and make the most of it.

Challenges Create Focus and Accountability

Each of the challenges and particularly this video challenge has provided great accountability. Being able to put my videos in front of a group of like minded entrepreneurs pushes me forward to completing the work. It also fine tunes my video when helpful feedback is provided regarding lighting, setting and the like.  When you have to list your videos on a document…it gives a little competitive edge that urges you forward to produce.   That my friends is accountability working well :-)!

Focus is another great gift of challenges. Planning, watching for content, thinking about creating can be a part of your day through anything you are doing.  A challenge helps you to build content for your business that are assets long after the event is done.  It’s a win-win.

Stuck in a Comfort Zone?  Pick up A Challenge!

If you are finding yourself going in circles in your online business…content is not flowing for you, look for a community that offers you a challenge.

I know it’s tough to push past a comfort zone…when I’m viewing my own videos…I’m my worst critic!  But I have to get over it and most of us do when it  comes to video.  My hair isn’t right, I’m too big, I didn’t smile enough…(and I try to smile more! that one is simple!)  but you get what I mean.

A challenge pushes you to do what is not comfortable.  Guess what! By the end of it, you’re either sailing through video or posting content…making those phone calls and it’s a breeze.  Your comfort zone just got wider. 🙂

So, if you want to grow in your business…take up a group challenge…or personal challenge. You will grow from it.

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Pat Lee




  1. I totally agree with you Pat, Challenges were made to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Congratulation on completing the challenge. I look forward to you providing great value from the tips and strategies that you learned..looking forward to seeing some of those “How to’s” or tips in the future.

    • Thank you Scott for your visit and taking time to comment. I am currently in a Video Challenge, 60 videos in 60 days. Am at video 34. Will be incorporating the videos as posts shortly. Would welcome you back shortly to see the work! Follow me on my Fanpage for updates!

  2. You look very lovely and it’s a nicely wrapped video about the challenge. I do agree with the focus and accountability benefits. It’s also to challenge our limiting belief, that we can do it if we want to. Great job Pat, you definitely stretch beyond your comfort zone. You shine in this video challenge #2.
    viviana recently posted…My 5 Best Tips How to Keep Your SanityMy Profile

    • Exactly Viviana, accepting challenges is the first step to say “I can do this” even when it’s never been done before. Shaking off limiting beliefs. Especially with video. Thank you for your compliment

    • Yes Stella, it’s the group dynamics that provides energy to move forward. Working alone online rarely achieves our goals. Challenges provide growth spurts. 🙂

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