Choices…We Make Them…and Offer Them!

Choices can change your life
Everyday we make choices.

There are times when we are on the receiving end of an offer being made.

How do you respond?

Do you:
Shut down thinking…I’m on a path, I don’t want anything different?
Listen to learn what open doors may come your way?
Watch and see what you can take from this conversation to put into practice in your own business?
Interrupt, trying to turn the tables to be the presenter?

How do you put a choice in front of someone?

Are you like a farmer, preparing the soil…discovering what will grow best then planting seeds of ideas?  Then when you know what your listener needs and wants…put a offer in front of them that makes sense to them…solves a problem?

Are you like a hunter…stalking every opportunity to catch an ear and dump your deal on them?  (Please reconsider! Does this tactic work for you?)

Are you timid finding yourself prejudging, simply not talking to anyone about what your business is about for fear of rejection?

In this business of being an entrepreneur…making choices is what building your future is all about.

Sometimes what we think is the right path for our future, doesn’t work out…simply the team, the money, the support isn’t there to succeed.

Then it’s time to evaluate your position and your choices…

Keep an open mind…choose someone you trust and like…find another path to travel, but don’t stay stuck!

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