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Cool Tip to Improve Sales

1. Why do you open an email?

2. What urges you to take action and actually click on the link in that email?

3. How are you compelled to say “Yes! This for me ” and pull out your credit card to make your purchase?

It’s all about the message that caught your eye and interest!

I was reminded in an interview about the importance of using effective Copywriting…the text on sales pages, in emails that catch your best customer’s attention and get more sales!

Anyone Can Do This!

There’s a perception, that only exceptional people can do successful Copywriting. That this talent is limited, requiring years to learn or lots of money to get somebody else to do it for you.

When in fact, that simply is not true!

You don’t have to be great in writing, spelling and grammar…in fact, sometimes being a little off with all three ( well, maybe not spelling) creates a little surprise and gains more attention.  But, clearly we can easily learn from others who are successful in building sales from the written work.  How can that be made simple?

Here’s the Secret Sauce

The secret sauce in pulling in sales is mastering the skill of Copywriting.

You can learn lots about Copywriting or good sales writing by simply writing out in full, repeatedly, examples of other people’s work!  That’s right! Our brains have the capacity to pick up strategies to make sales copy work. In this same interview…a study was mentioned that found that handwriting material left a neuro imprint on the brain.  In other words…simply handwriting a successful sales letter over and over again will help you write a better email, post or sales letter for your business!

Other very successful marketers have taught that too. Simply handwrite, not type, copies of successful sales material.

Is that tedious and boring? Maybe…but it’s doable and success does leave clues. 🙂

Getting Results

What if you began to think of better words to use for your sales material from ads you’ve written out?

What if you saw how to lay out your sales page to keep your customers reading and engaged?

What if your Best Potential Customer began buying from you and became a loyal customer?

Would that be worth the effort to write …over and over again great sales letters?

OK, so now where do you find good Copy that is worth handwriting out to realize the benefits of new structure and language in sales material?

A Free Tool

I’m going to make this simple for you.  Here is a free tool that I have no personal connection to that gives you lots of sales materials from the masters. Go here to subscribe and have access to countless successful ads.  Here’s another tip…Gary Halbert, Jo Sugarman’s  work are classic examples of successful sales-letters to get started with.

I know that when you start simply handwriting out this material, you’ll find your sales messages taking on a new energy!

Try it and let me know what changes you notice!
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