Daily Marketing Coach…”What’s In It For Me?”

Daily Marketing Coach...What's In It for Me?That’s a good question.  What does Daily Marketing Coach have to do with your business? If you have already purchased time in any number of membership sites, why should you consider one more, Daily Marketing Coach?

That’s sort of how I felt when I first received an invitation to look at Daily Marketing Coach.  Having spent tons of money and time on any number of Guru trainings, live events, membership sites and the like…I was skeptical about how Daily Marketing Coach (let’s call it DMC for short) could make any difference in my journey to get online. It’s just another thing going…mind you with good people…but what could they do for me to salvage years of efforts and make something good out of it?

I Was Wrong!

I decided to listen to Ann Sieg describe what Daily Marketing Coach had to offer. On that webinar I understood early that I was wrong to prejudge the offer of this training program. 

Ann made it very clear that her mission was to encourage and Daily Marketing Coach...What's In It For Me?empower each student experience success in whatever goal they set for themselves on enrollment to the best of her ability. 

The 80/20 team behind Ann bring years of cumulative marketing success experience, all of which is funneled into the archived training modules.

Deciding to Align Myself With the Experts

I decided it was time to align myself with a team who personally had worked through many marketing challenges.  Each one being a little different, but do you know…it makes them sensitive to the disappointments, business slumps/failures. They know what marketers have to push through to get to success.

I found that DMC has set up their training in such a way that the student is guided step by step through the process to set up your own Market Funnel.  No detail has been left out…if the student is consistent to work through the material, engage in the Facebook community with questions…you will see progress.

Investing in Myself and My Business

There are two supplemental programs within DMC offered by Certified Trainers that I chose to purchase.  One is a live blogging course call Blogging Simplified Live, the other Branded.  I chose to invest in these because I know I’m such a “techno toddler” when it comes to blogging that I wanted to same time to get my blog up.  Besides it came with an awesome bonus and I had the money for it. Buying Blogging Simplified Live was a no brainer for me.  The second course Branded…will be a long term journey…having an expert mentor committed to my success.

So seven months after committing to the training and mentorship of Daily Marketing Coach, I have

  1. this blog up and thriving.
  2. my own free ebook written for my Compelling Offer  to build my list
  3. A second ebook as a low cost product
  4. I upgraded to the second highest membership level and am now assisting with Sm Group Coaching calls.
  5. I feel like my Online Business has a long term future of building leads and making sales.

So, What’s In It For You?

The time is now to make a decision to bring logic, order, professional training to your online business. 

  • If you have spent countless dollars on training programs without the support to implement the material, this is the right place for you.
  • If your online journey has been scattered with no strategy in place, Daily Marketing Coach will teach you how to put all the pieces in order to bring results
  • If you are looking for real people supports, Daily Marketing Coach provides daily live calls to talk to real people 
  • Have you ever had close contact with a 10 figure earner to ask questions? Ann Sieg of Daily Marketing Coach accepts questions and gives video response to members of DMC posting them for all the community to learn from.
  • Where have you found a like minded community that will support each other with feedback, accountability, ideas? Daily Marketing Coach Group page is a dynamic, interactive community providing novice members the same support that seasoned members worked through.  Ann Sieg is present and responsive in this community also.
  • Struggling to schedule your online business work with your day job, family commitments? Daily Marketing Coach training is archived so you can access it 24/7. You control your activities. Most live trainings are recorded for your convenience.
  • Get an understanding of what your business strategy map should look like and how to put it in place with the basic step by step trainings.
  • Do you know who you are marketing to and why? Listen to coaching calls on discovering your Niche and USP. Let the archived training help you narrow down your marketing message.
  • What are the newest traffic sources and how can you bring “eyeballs” to your content and ultimately to your leads lists? Daily Marketing Coach stays abreast of the trends, is committed to early adaptions and teaching the community the changes.
Daily Marketing Coach is the place over 1k members call “home”. Many of whom have traveled down a similar path you have only to find that the search is over.  
Take action now, for less than $10 for thirty days, you can have a thorough look to see if all that I have described here is in fact happening.  Get your spot now in this Thursday Daily Marketing Coach webinar that I listened to and I made a decision on the spot. 
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