“Daring to Dream, Your Family Dreams are Important

Here You Can See Ours”


Garland and Pat Garland and I are people of faith.  Living our lives in line with Christ's teaching is more important to us than all material gain.(I'll share more about my Mission and Vision another day.)

Second to that is our family. Our two sons with their families have big dreams.

These dreams include taking care of the simple things in life, but...they also have adventurous soles.

We encourage them to dream, to work hard to see how those dreams can come to life for them.

I'm determined to do whatever I have to in order to ensure that our third son has quality of life as he works towards Mental Health recovery.

Here are little snapshots of our son's dreams.




Having dreams and desires for those you love is an amazing thing.

However, to see them take shape and have a life means taking action.  For me, the freedom to contribute to the lives of our family and beyond that to the lives of others energizes me build my dream lifestyle.

You can do the same.  It starts with baby steps that create a solid foundation to your business. One step at a time on a path to see your dream lifestyle become a reality.