In life and business, we embrace a set of values that guide our actions.

Staying true to your core values provides an anchor and plumb line when opportunities come your way,

when decisions are being made.

In my report I have an exercise that helps you to think about what shapes your values.  If you haven't bought my $7 report yet, be sure to do that now.

I will share with you what my mission and values are here now.  This might help you to start thinking...

Mission Statement

My mission is to inspire and empower women solopreneurs to find core determination to succeed; to provide tools and PatLeeCampbelltraining to build profitable businesses  to live full lives, and impact the world positively.


Helping women solopreneurs achieve a mind shift for success, embrace  business goals and have a clear path for success.

More About My Vision and Values:

Showing entrepreneurs how their life lessons and unique experiences gives them exclusive abilities to be successful in business

  1. Teaching how to develop a mindset to stay committed to the process of building a firm foundation for long term business.
  2. Giving entrepreneurs tools and resources to figure out who they’re marketing to and why/how you get right in front of their market. Be available in order to build a smart, sustainable business.
  3. Building security of a long-term online business with accountability. Introduce a program that provides additional training, and online community giving  live support and feedback.


I believe that God is central in our lives and He is interested in our success and happiness. When we put our plans and efforts before Him for clarity and help, I believe He will guide our paths.

  1. I believe there has to be a balance between work and family. In the excitement of learning, it can be too easy to isolate one’s spouse and children. Plan deliberate time with those who are important to you and commit to holding that time for play.
  2. Honesty, to conduct all my work and relationships in a foundation of truth.
  3. Commitment: will keep promises and make every effort to over deliver on all promises and when necessary, provide referral services.
  4. Loyalty, I am a person who chooses to make long term commitments to what I believe in. I have spent 17 years with my network marketing company; I have a long relationship with the training/coaching program I am in. I am not interested in get rich schemes. I am with you for the long haul.
  5. Giving means a lot to me. In my business this is done through social entrepreneurship. A system is in place to give for a cause that is near and dear to my heart, that is, to address global malnutrition among children.
  6. Fun…Life is too short not to have fun! 🙂

Here's a video (about 3 minutes) on how my mlm company  believes in making a difference for vulnerable young children while it's consumers impact their own health.