Did You Make These Mistakes Getting Your Business Online?

Did You Make These Mistakes I Made Getting Your Business Online?I’ll give you a short version of my long journey to get online.

In 2002, I knew that marketing my MLM in our town of 33K with 5 competitors, I had limitations.

I knew I wasn’t interested in looking at each person I talked to as a potential MLM customer or business partner.  I knew there had to be a better way.

I met a mentor in my MLM who felt the same way.  For the next 8 years:

  •   I cold called leads
  •    Mailed out countless product information packages for my MLM
  •   Bought numerous training classes on Personal Development, Blogging, Lead Generation and more,
  •   Contributed posts to a community blog consistently to help build someone else’s brand.
  •   Supported a newsletter with frequent commenting to stimulate site interaction for someone else’s brand.
  •   Wrote dozens of articles with links back to websites that were again, building another person’s dream.
  •   Attended live events across the country from the west to the east coast.
  •   Paid big bucks for coaching
  •   Expected lead generation promises only to be disappointed.
  •   Spent tons of money and time in the process

I have a video that tells you a bit about this journey here.

Why am I telling you all this?   

Because in 2007, this mentor locked into Attraction Marketing

He quickly recognized the power of Attraction Marketing and taught it to all his community including this avid student. The only problem was, in all my work, I wasn’t attracting readers, and website guests to me…I was attracting them to the mentor and his work.

What was I thinking!

Now you might think I was pretty foolish to spend eight years building someone else’s dream.

In hindsight I would say you are right. However, when I take stock of all that I learned in that period, I learned a lot of skills.  Robert Kiyosaki says it well.

I have to take something good from those years of hours of late nights, spending time away from family with nothing online to show for it. I became a Jack of all Trades and Master of None.

Making Changes

In 2010, I changed mentors.

I spent tons more time and lots of money seeking direction again to build my own dream online knowing that it can be done.

I paid this mentor a hefty monthly fee for 18 months. Not only that, I paid for additional personal development courses and spent money on flights, hotels rooms, fees for more live events.

 I knew it was possible to be successful online and I was determined to be a successful online business owner.

What has your journey been like?

In your journey to success online have you:  

  •   Spent similar money on courses, worthless/dead end leads?
  •   Travelled down other rabbit holes that taught you skills but didn’t put all the pieces together?
  •   Been a part of communities that seemed more interested in marketing to you rather than giving clear direction?
  •   Worked without any logical plan?
  •  Been very discouraged, thinking the Internet is a “jungle and there’s lots of monsters in it?”
  •   Felt lost with no strategy in your work?
  •   Decided you were going to give up on your family and friends, you know there had to be a way to make the Internet work for you.

I found my “Home”. I found The Answer To All Those Years of Searching for a Solution.

There is a place where professional, logical, 24/7 training exists that brings all the skills needed for Online marketing together in one training center.Did You Make These Mistakes I Made Getting Your Business Online?

  1. I found a community of like minded solopreneurs who are supportive, give feedback to my work, answer questions when I get stuck in a secure group page.
  2. I have access to live small group coaching calls 6 days of the week, sometimes twice a day to ask questions.
  3. I learned from training webinars that teach the elements of getting your business online, taking specific tasks and making them doable.
  4. Archived training gives me step by step teaching to get a blog online, to get a free offer created and up to begin building my list.

There are a lot more features of this training center, Daily Marketing Coach and the benefits you can receive also with me.  You can learn more about it here.

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Pat Campbell





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  2. Oh my I started with today’s challenge and have been going to different related posts you mention I really enjoy how you tell a story and lead us to solution. I am defiantly in overwhelm mode didn’t put site as it is not ready yet oh my so many things I am taking some of your suggestions though see if I cant make some head way…I realy see I need to do this every day I can see when I check every other day or so I find I’m getting more behind and have more shiny objects to chase… you hit that one on the head BONG (was that just for me). I am scrambling to be ready for RAW4. Thanks you inspired me today because you talked so naturally and didn’t need to get technical to get to point. I have been in data processing for 39 years so mostly on hose BIG IBM mainframes so I have some learning to do… I am sure DMC is place for me though sure has lots of shinny objects too..

    • David, how delightful to have you spend some time at my online home! I’m thrilled that I could put things in perspective for you a little. You bring so much to the table with your years of IT work. Yes, I know it’s different…but at least the computer doesn’t scare you “spitless” !

      I was reminded this week that building your online business is a “marathon not a sprint”. Meaning that you have to set your pace…keep it steady and NOT quit.

      I trust you are taking the Getting Started steps in DMC in order…I had to unsubscribe from several lists to free myself from buying things or spending time in “rabbit holes”

      do keep in touch David and let me know if I can help. You might find my Free offer a helpful read.

  3. I really enjoyed this blog and the journey you took. You make reference to Robert Kiyosaki and I must say I love his books. I have read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” first and on to the second in his series. I love associated myself with people who really make it simple and thought provoking! I can tell you are one of those people. I am new to the Network Marketing Business and will continue to invest to make it successful!

    I am glad I found your site…I will visit often to keep touch with an expert!

    • Thank You Dena, I thoroughly appreciate your comments. Robert Kiyosaki teaches from his life experiences and from his heart. He is a man to listen too. I am honored you are coming back to the blog often. That will keep me on my toes! 🙂 I will do my best to continue to provide great content. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to comment.

    • Stella, thank you for your understanding….we must never give up. The puzzle pieces are creating an image. It will not happen overnight or even in months…but definitely progress. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to comment.

    • Thank You Michelle, It’s a journey again for sure, but have to say I have surrounded myself with the right people at Daily Marketing Coach to get it done! I look forward to sharing the path with others who are still looking for a systematic, strategic business plan to build online. and thanks for your visit, for taking the time to comment, I value that a lot.

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