Did You See This About “You Economy”?

Did You See This About "You Economy"?9 Points of  “You Economy”

William Deresiewicz in his article in the New York Times ” Generation Sell” makes some remarkable observations on the status of the generation we call the Millennials.  These are 20-30 year olds who are go-getters.  They are dropping the counter culture behaviors of the previous generations to embrace something different for their statement…their life work.

He lists the kinds of “You Economy” activity he sees all around him in his local marketplace…boutiques, food carts, upcycle products, tech services, Eco-friendly businesses. Even the music bands are taking control of their own business, publishing and management. Young people are into social entrepreneur-ism like Tom’s Shoes…incorporating non-profits into their business model.

Deresiewicz writes of a very interesting trend that reflects hope and creative process in the economic community.

As I read his article and ponder the 9 points or principles of the “you economy” I can’t help but see a co-relation to how those who are in business for themselves can be encouraged to be persistent.  The Millenials are thinking for themselves, open to ideas and opportunities to create multiple streams of income.

Reasons to Be in “You Economy”

Here are the 9 points to ponder.

Tara Gentile, a Business Strategist makes some great observations in her article “You Are The New Economy“.  I summarize them here.

  1. As the creator or developer of your “you economy” it’s “open source” …you choose 🙂
  2. You can build as an individual at the same time as belonging to the greater community…don’t build in isolation.
  3. See competition as an opportunity to hook up with others for success.  Trade off referrals; share work space; share technology etc
  4. Don’t be shy about standing out for what you believe.  Be a little edgy.  You don’t have or want to please everyone.
  5. Be sure that what is important to you…your value and your values lead in all that you do.
  6. It’s not all about the money…profit is more than the PayPal or bank balance.  Think about your personal growth, the friends you meet, the family time you have etc.
  7. Your market is the world.  With the Internet, you can connect with the greater community who share your values, purpose and affinity.
  8. Discovering the satisfaction of meaning, the path of learning and accomplishing a new skill, product, course…and being closely attached to it’s success create huge value.
  9. Being an entrepreneur gives you belonging in the greater community of like minded folks…within your intimate circle and the community at large

It’s Happening…Will You Be a Part?

Deresiewicz writes: “Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such; it’s the small business.  Every artistic or moral aspiration-music, food, good works, what have you—is expressed in those terms”

Being in business for yourself is good.  If you are still sorting out what that can look like…let’s talk…there’s steps to take one at a time to figure that out.

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