Do You Hang On To Or …Toss the Ball?

Decisions-Taking Responsibility

Do You Hang On To Or ...Toss the Ball?Every week I face decisions that make an impact on the direction of my business.

That’s all part of becoming a leader. a leader you can follow with confidence , a leader your team learns to trust well. Being decisive.

It would be an assumption that anyone who is building a business, or leading a team knows that making decisions are part of the job description! ( if you’ve made a job description for yourself !!)

Owning the Decision

You grab “the ball”and hang on to it until a decision is made rather than tossing it off to someone else.

The reality is, there are team leaders who actually avoid making decisions. When there is a final action to be made for the team, or their own business…they skirt the responsibility of owning the decision. This results in your entire business rumbling to a stop.

Have a “Spine!”

A strong leader is decisive. They “have a spine”, not dithering. Being this kind of leader keeps your business running smoothly. Your team gains a confidence in your ability to own responsibility .

Even when you have to say “no” to something that seems like a great idea. Being able to assess the choices and seeing that what seems good really doesn’t serve your team or business well. So the answer is “No”!

Leadership, along with being Decisive, is also being “tough”

Now to qualify that, I’m not talking about “gansta style tough”! Not at all:-)


In business being tough means knowing exactly what you stand for in terms of values. Knowing your values simply backs you up when you say “no” to something or an offer that is in discord with them

Being tough also comes up when your business faces adversity. Difficult times will come either personally or for your parent company.

I’ve lived through that when my MLM company faced serious challenges in the courts and won! But in the thick of the challenge, negative press and questions about our future, lots of people left…jumped ship and went to other companies.

Now I know there are times to move on in business, but to lay blame, shrink back from leading the charge in support in the face of adversity is a clear lack of leadership.

Another measure of toughness in leadership can be seen when you always take responsibility for business decisions no matter how difficult they are and not toss the “ball” off to someone higher or, especially, working below you on the team

Being decisive and tough at the same time conveys a harsh style of leadership, but really it’s not about behaviour…but being trustworthy.

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