Does Perfection Build Your Business?….Not!

Does The Thought of Having Perfection Stop You in Your Tracks?

Does Perfection Build Your Business?...Not!As a new marketer looking around you at those who have been online…it looks as though your peers have achieved perfection.

Their blogs get traffic, people leave comments, their list is growing.  Looking at their content there is poise…confidence…near perfect presentation.

It might make you wonder if you could ever get to that place!  In fact you might think…I’ll never get there…why try?

Wait!  That’s Not How it Works!

You are looking at the end results of business owners stumbling through new skills. Putting up posts that do not attract attention.  They kept taking action…baby steps…but definitely action steps regularly to build their success.

If each business owner you look at had to have perfection before getting their business online…there would be nothing to look at. Inaction would keep them stuck, waiting for someone or some magic system make everything perfect for them…which never happens.

Try Taking Action Instead

Focus on Your Plan…

So be encouraged, your Business Strategy Map gives you a plan of action to take. Set up repetitive tasks you can do daily that makes your business move forward. Develop a system for action steps to minimize chaos in your approach to your business.

Delight in the practice of doing something regularly scheduled. You’ll see over time that your business is taking shape. As in anything the continued practice will make the activity of your business become more comfortable and polished.

Leave perfection behind…do not be stuck with Inaction.

Pat Lee


    • Stella, I delight in your courage to take action in your business even if it’s not perfect action. Which by the way…you have beautifully shown that “practice”, doing over and over again has moved your business forward. You have residual income to show the results! it works 🙂

  1. Pat, I think the best advice I ever received was the same: “Don’t wait for it to be Perfect!” It is so easy to stall when you are looking for something as elusive as Perfection!
    Your advice is right on the mark here! Thanks!
    Agnes Knowles recently posted…Weekend Wisdom 24My Profile

    • Thank you Agnes for your visit and your comment. You’re so right…perfection will never happen so don’t wait for it to get things done.

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