Does Your Brain Blank Out When You Sit to Work?

Does Your Brain  Blank Out When You Sit to Work

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How to Get More Done!

There is nothing more frustrating than to settle into your work-space and find yourself scattered without clear direction for what comes first. Then, to find yourself moving papers, sorting files, reading emails, anything but getting started at the task at hand.

Your intentions are good, you want results…but your thoughts are scattered. You can’t “see” what is priority.

How To Structure Workflow

We  see the adage, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Well, I don’t like to focus on failure, however the principle is valid.  The point is to take some time to organize what your priorities are when you settle in to work. Sometimes we only have limited time to accomplish tasks for business or really, any project.

Having a visual reminder of what you want to get done is powerful.  Having a visual on your whiteboard; phone; paper; results in conscious decision-making about priorities

Look at your work with lists, put them in groups of three. Then you know what you need to start with and see the flow into the next item on your list.

Make a List

There’s great value in a simple list.  Especially when you get in the habit of creating one at the close of the day.  Here’s some more thoughts re making the most of your time.

Be in The Flow

Take charge of your work time by being in control of your thoughts and actions. Keep the work visually before you.

Enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off your list, of seeing the progress you are making as your week /month unfolds in business.

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