Authenticity, Does Your Reader Actually Know the Real You?

Being Authentic is Not About Displaying Your Dirty Laundry

Authenticity, Does Your Reader Actually Know the Real You?Eric Walker knows what it means to be authentic in writing blog posts.  He does that personally in his blog. He talks about making meaning when marketing.  For me, that feels like there is a transparent relationship between the marketer and their Ideal Customer, between the blogger and their readership. Visit Eric’s blog to see how he makes that happen in his writing.

“It takes a level of emotional maturity” to determine what is appropriate to post. Your audience is not interested in you airing your “dirty laundry”.  In this interview, important tips are revealed for effective marketing.

Eric and I talk about this at a recent live event. Watch this video to hear what he has to say about engaging your list with authenticity.

As Ann Sieg’s Director of Content Marketing and all things related to Content for The Daily Marketing Coach, Eric is a sought after mentor.  He regularly posts on the topic of blogging in Ann Sieg’s blog. You will find a lot of free training there.

If you enjoyed this interview segment, leave a comment below.  You will find part one of this three part interview here.

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