Don’t Lose That Thought!

Don't Lose That Thought

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Those Great Ideas Pop Anytime!

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a creative idea flow through your mind at the most inopportune time!  Except being in the habit of reaching for your phone to dictate or jot a note down.  Even reaching for a pen to write down the core thought to come back to.

Have You Done This At Night?


I’ve had full blog posts flow at night only to wake in the morning to reach back for those thoughts and they’re gone! Keeping that pen, paper and little light is a life saver at times!

Be Ready At Anytime

That little voice inside is important to listen to.  Being ready to capture that name given, the idea swirling around, a business plan, an action step to take! Be sure to cultivate the habit of paying attention…take the step to record somehow.

Author Daniel Pink always carries a notebook, and has a poster-size post-it note full of ideas to ponder.  He gets a lot of projects done and so can you! 🙂

Comment below on how you catch those ideas that come unexpectedly!


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  1. My great ideas usually come in the shower! I need one of those waterproof note pads (found one on Amazon!), because by the time I dry off and get to my phone, the great idea is usually lost amidst 100 requests from my children. 🙂

    • Very cool that your alone time gives you space for ideas to flow, that you recognize and capture them…cooler still to find a waterproof note pad!

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