Don’t Make This Mistake

A Hard Lesson Learned

Don't make this mistakeCountless men and women like myself  continue to work full-time while “building their fortune” or future from home.  It can become an all consuming journey when the learning curve, passion to succeed and expectation to achieve causes you to lose sight of this important fact.

The fact that there is a cost to pay when time is not carefully considered.  The cost of physical health when burning the midnight oil to stay present in Social Media,  reviewing webinars, or implementing action steps long after everyone else has gone to bed. The cost of missing cues in relationships that things are strained. You get the idea.   It’s so important to sit back and figure out how to make this work.

Best Friends with Your Clock!

Don’t underestimate what you can get done in short bursts of time!

First of all, journal a week of time used to discover how time is spent.  The commitments you have, the relationship demands, taking care of your health…all those things that make life full and meaningful.  Be sure to plan time for healthy living.

You might be surprised at the “time stealers”!  Activities that don’t build your home-fire relationships, your health …you get the picture.  How many 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even 60 minutes of time can be budgeted to dedicate to business activity?

Now when you have identified these moments of time…use the stopwatch on your phone, a clock on your computer or wall to limit your business efforts to that space of time.

Then get up and engage with your family, go for a walk …whatever needs your attention next.

I promise you, you will get stuff done!

But First Figure This Out

How many times have you come to the computer only to find yourself browsing.

Browsing YouTube, FaceBook, MSN  anything and before you know it time’s up! Nothing got done because you didn’t have a plan.  In addition to discovering short blocks of time to use for business building, make a plan how you are going to use that time.

  • Will you continue to build your brand with content creation and get that in front of people?
  • Do you have a list to send value emails to along with offers to generate income?
  • Are you building an MLM team, finding new relationships on Social Media to bring to your presentation?
  • Or a little bit of all three?

Your bursts of time first of all are pockets of activity that potentially create income.  Those are the tasks to be completed first.

You Can Do This

Have you heard the equation that 10,000 hours of practice or effort finally results in success in becoming an expert?

That’s pretty discouraging when you think of 1590 hours is a year of full-time unionized work!

I heard a coach point out a different perspective, he says…

“People focus on the 10,000 hours and that seems impossible, especially for people who are have JOBS. But the reality is… it takes only ~20 hours practice to get GOOD at something. That breaks down to about 40 minutes/day for a month. MUCH more do-able.   And you can do REALLY well in this Industry by being GOOD at a particular skill, especially if it’s your money task !

So when you’re looking at those short bursts of time, understand they are the foundation of your transition to getting Good, getting results and leading others.

Don’t get discouraged with yourself and the time it takes…focus on those tasks that make you money…get Good at them and watch things shift.
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