Don’t Underestimate the Power of One

Just One Life at a Time!

dont underestimate the power of oneSometimes we see and hear or feel the message that our influence in business is negligible unless we can report big numbers or big results.

That is wrong thinking that quickly feeds the procrastination factor… “well if what I do seems to make no difference…why start?”

If this message doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks…you may find yourself fighting negative thoughts continually!

The truth is, the world is changed… one life at a time!

…the world of that man, woman, boy or girl whose life you touch.

In business, we never know who that one person will be who is hungry for change, who sees the opportunity for what it is. That person to takes your business to the next level and beyond.

Listening to an Idea Catch…


I listened to the excitement of one gentleman as he caught the importance of a principle we discussed. To hear that energy, new insight catch on demonstrated that no matter how small our contribution may be to someone’s life…it makes a difference!

Next Time You’re Tempted…

To stay quiet, hold back, view yourself as less than successful, just take a little inventory of how your life leaves an impact on others.

Remember that those skills that brought you to this page may be a stepping stone for another navigating a search.

Remember the curiosity that prompted this search means you’re looking for answers.  When you learn…you can tell others.

Remember when you take action in your business, you are setting an example, setting a pace for someone else who is watching you.

Remember as you take action in your business, even one thing at a time consistently, you are beginning to change your world!

Never Underestimate the Power of One

Take those single steps in your business to move towards change.

Look for opportunities to make a difference in one life near you. Watch how a small butterfly ripple begins to change the world!

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