Failure is Not An Option

Rookie to Online Brand

Failure is Not An OptionAt a recent Live Summit, training for Internet Marketing, I had the opportunity to meet and interview a young lawyer, Curt Runger from Memphis.

I met Curt October of 2013 when he first attended a live training hosted by Rich and Natasha Hazlett. As the new kid on the block, he was standing aside taking in all the training watching.

He picked up the possibility of creating a personal brand.

Curt was already an entrepreneur with breaking out of the mold and started a Law Firm as a Rookie lawyer. Successful with that he aspired to bigger things.

In this interview, Curt explains his vision. He sees how from his own personal experience, that he can make a difference for other brand new lawyers.

He saw a problem and set about to create a solution.

Business Basics

Curt has pinpointed an area in the legal industry that that is lacking that he will provide a solution for.

That is the first step in creating a personal brand. Figuring out what you are going to sell to a ready made market.

But it’s not that easy to see for yourself what you bring to the table.

Would you like help with that?

For Curt, realizing the tight and limited competitive job market for newly licensed attorneys, he wanted to open the window of opportunity to work independently of established Firms.

The only problem is he had no clue how to bring his idea to the Internet and in front of these new lawyers!

So How to Get Started?

Find a coach and mentor who knows the path!

Someone who does more than sell a course and leave you to figure it out.

He found the resources, support and community he was looking for with Rich and Natasha Hazlett.

Listen as Curt tells his story of working Full-time in his Law Practice…gaining stride with his long term vision of developing an Online Business.

Find out how he was able to see progress and move past being a rookie at doing business online.

Curt is only one of a community of people who are realizing their dreams and goals because they are staying close to Rich and Natasha with the training, community and supports they provide.

As part of that community, contact me for how you can finally get some traction in your business.
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