Fanpages…It’s not the Numbers, But Engagement

Fanpages...It's not the Numbers, But EngagementIt’s About Building A Following Engaged  In Your Posts

There is a lot of teaching about how to increase your Fanpage following by promoting your page either by free traffic through activities like Fanpage Friday Parties, the “ladder” approach and the like.

You can pay for traffic for the specific purpose of increasing your Fanpage following.

While all of this is great exposure, it is questionable whether you are really gaining an audience on what you are posting.

Will you really make money from this crowd if they are not actually paying attention to your daily posts and engaging with you?  That’s the whole point of having a business Fanpage.

Anita Levesque is an Facebook strategist expert.  She talks with me about just this. Watch this short video

Some Tips To Build Fanpages That Work for You

Anita gives some great ideas to bring fans to your page that are interested in your posts. It’s all about posting quality content, participating yourself in groups to be engaged and attract followers to you.

When you are engaging with your fanbase, you will have potentials buyers from those who have developed a relationship of trust.  When you do promote a product or service…you will have buyers.

Anita offers services to help you set up a Fanpage that brings traffic to your business. You can find more information about that here.

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