Finding Your True Grit!

You Know You Need True Grit But…

Finding Your True GritSome days it’s oh so easy to just settle back in your comfy chair and let the world go by!

Being in business for yourself often presents challenges you would just rather not have to deal with.

Things like:
Coming to the end of your company business period and your team volume is lagging behind.
Having to begin new skills that are way outside your comfort zone.
Facing the credit card billing date with a serious shortfall of funds.
Having irate customers demanding a refund.
Dealing with changes on policies and procedures at the corporate level.
Going through a period when your beloved MLM company is facing a lot of negative scrutiny.
You can add your own challenge….

True Grit Can Be Seen

Leadership in these kinds of situations is readily recognized

Leadership is demonstrated by standing your ground, acknowledging the problem of the day or month and pulling together whatever resources you have to find solutions. As far as you are able to empower others to be part of the solution

You can be sure that facing challenges will be a fact of life. Leaders take charge and don’t hide from challenges. Leaders don’t “jump ship” and move on to the next flashy business opportunity. True leaders stay put as long as it’s reasonable be a part of problem solving.

Embrace Courage

It takes courage to face challenges.

It takes courage to stand firm in the face of criticism and skepticism.

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone to do something new.

It takes courage to correct team members.

It takes courage to be a leader.

Becoming a leader means finding your true grit, that you have courage! 🙂

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