Frozen in the Unknown?

Frozen in the UnknownHow to Break Through

How many times do you find yourself frozen in the unknown of how to move forward in a project you’ve accepted? Or perhaps you have taken on a new commitment in your business with zeal, only to find out that after a few obstacles….the brakes are applied.

What about those situations that you find yourself looking at others doing similar things you’re attempting and rocking it, but your results are disappointing?   That’s a hard one…it’s tough, but…you must understand that comparing your journey with that of another person is plain, and simple the last thing to do.

Your journey is your own…and never to be compared to someone else!Instead of thinking of all kinds of reasons why you cannot get started, embrace the decision to start no matter what!<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Taking Those First Steps

What I found to help me move forward once I have made a decision to take on a project is to make an imperfect start.

I create a plan of what I want to accomplish.  Then it’s time to take one step at a time.  Rather than staying frozen in time, being afraid to make mistakes, do something.  Have a friend be your accountability partner to get updates on what you have done.  Making some action toward the goal will put you in momentum. Get one result that feels like a success.

Use the energy of surprise, determination, accomplishment to fuel your next step.  Soon you will see the growing results taking you from that state of being frozen to actually being empowered to take on another unknown.

My Story About a Project Frozen in Time Until…

I started taking one hour of activity towards completing it only to discover that 12 weeks of procrastination was for naught…

Have a listen.

Take Back Your Power

Taking back you power is within your control.

No one is capable to stopping you from making decisions to learn to do tasks that are new for you.  You are the one who decides how you spend your time and energy. Keeping in mind always the necessity of honoring the important relationships in your life.

Discover how motivated you become:

  • when your list gets checkmarks
  • when your customer base begins to grow
  • when your Social Media content begins to result in engagement.

Whatever goal you are striving for…maybe it’s a health goal, or something else personal.  Use your personal power to achieve what you though was once impossible!

I’d love to hear about what you are going to get started on so leave a comment below. 🙂

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