Going Big without Limiting Possibilities

Going BigThose BHAGs…What?

I just sat in a Mastermind Class which is always an awesome privilege!  One of the lessons learned in this group and also working in teams to build business, is the importance of managing those things that sideswipe you and perhaps have you playing “small” rather than reaching for that “BHAG” ( Big Hairy Audacious Goal) as Russell Brunson would say.

What Happens When…

More than playing small, comments; inaction on the part of other people you’re collaborating with; no shows for presentation; any number of disappointments can take all focus and energy from us, undermining the intention of pushing towards a result that is difficult to see fulfilled.

This leaves us sitting on the sidelines of our business, looking for reasons why we should carry on.

As entrepreneurs, especially when working alone,  it is tempting to play safe and only set those goals that are comfortable and within reach…to protect from the negative chatter aiming for us from within and from others.

But Consider This!

But, the reality is, the possibilities are endless.  When we think that there is only so little we can do, that we have no control over the end result…we forget that people are watching. They are watching for us to show up. In spite of how you are feeling, in spite of the results that tally up, make a decision about what your big picture goal.  Then decide what the most important actions will be in your business each day and take that action.

Let determination keep your business in motion. Some kind of forward motion reaching for that goal that lifts you towards the lifestyle goals you set for yourself.  Taking consistent action shows those who are watching, the work that brings results.

Find New Fuel 🙂

Let this determination take those words, or disappointments… use them for fuel to spur you into action… simply grabbing the possibilities of bigger than life goals!

This 4 minute video tells the story we learned in a recent renovation about how we limited a project size because we couldn’t see the end result, it seemed too big a job. There is an important message about the possibilities within us…and going big.

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