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Personal growth and development is a special opportunity that is unique in entrepreneurism. When building a team in your Network Marketing opportunity you can actually train and encourage others to do parts of your job as CEO! Develop systems for your business, empowering your team leaders to in turn train others.

Does that seem threatening?

Think of it this way. Know what you love to do and do well. Figure out those tasks that are not much fun for you…or you are downright not very good at them!

Work in Your Strengths

It is much better to work in your strengths and find someone who compliments you, filling in the weak areas of leadership. Personal growth is the end result for both you and the team.

In addition to business being optimized, you as CEO have more time and energy to do more important things for the team.

Let Others Develop Their Strengths

I read recently that a multi-multi millionaire spends his mornings in personal development!

Why? Because he wants to be a better leader for his team, to be a stronger person and optimal CEO.

There is no reason to feel threatened by anyone who is able to step up in leadership in your team…it’s a measure of your strong leadership, secure in sharing your space!

When team members step up to work in your areas of weakness, but…their strengths…you have given them purpose, self development moving them towards personal leadership.

Team members becoming CEO of their teams, staying in alignment with the greater team objectives is powerful!

A great opportunity for everyone!





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