Have You Overcome the First Hurdle in Online Marketing?

Have You Overcome the First Hurdle in Online Marketing?

Marketing Online Means Putting You First…

At a recent Live Event, Curt Johnson and I spent several opportunities to talk about marketing together.

One of the important conversations we had covered the topic of what marketers, whether network marketers or small business have to figure out before they have success online.

This interview is the first of three parts as we discuss the first hurdle to overcome when coming online.

Watch this to see what that hurdle is:

Branding You…The Hurdle of “You Inc” is First

In offline marketing…you are talking to people in person. Sometimes they already know, like and trust you. Other times you’re positioned as a presenter as an expert…or at the least invited to present. In that space, you can put your product or service forward first rather than you.

However in the online space…your potential customer has to first find you!

That can only happen because you have somehow attracted their attention with how you have positioned yourself online with your USPUnique Selling Proposition.

Curt Johnson is an expert with Unique Selling Proposition. Watch this next video to understand this better.

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