Have You Thought About Your Digital Legacy?

Have You Thought About Your Digital Legacy?It’s Not a Matter of If, But When

You are building an online presence and potential income producing  asset in your business.

In the focus of building your list, creating products, selling your goods or services, it’s simple to overlook this fact.  What you create have value and with passive income expected, a lasting legacy to leave behind when that time comes.

It’s a somber thought, but just as it is good business to establish a Will to take care of your physical assets, there are provisions that protect your online value in estate planning.

Some Thoughts on Digital Assets Estate

Rest Assured the Planning is Done

Taking the time to ensure that all provisions are made gives you control and assurance that your intentions for the legacy you leave behind will be carried out.

That’s a great gift for both you as you build your business and your estate in some long distant future! 🙂




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    • Yes Terry, with our last will update we made provisions for that because there will be residual income for our children to access. I do have to list username and passwords for our kids to have to work with.

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