How Does Your Passion Build Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Is It Hard to Look In the Mirror and List Your Strengths For USP?

What's Your Passion that Builds Your Unique Selling Proposition?In talking with callers weekly on a coaching call that invites volunteers to talk about USP and Niche. It’s very interesting to note that listing the things we’re good at is tough coming from our own perspective.ย  It seems we’ve been taught to minimize our passions and strengths…to take giftedness for granted. We don’t see what sets us apart.

I love what happens when we encourage callers to begin listing their life experiences, what other people would say about them. A good thing often happens when putting all this together results in a lightbulb coming on ๐Ÿ™‚ The USP begins to emerge.

Watch this video…I’ll explain more ๐Ÿ™‚

Make Your List…Begin to See Your USP

If you sit down and begin making your list.ย  Ask people in your life to give you some feedback for your USP.


  1. What do you see in me as strengths …or weaknesses ( you might as well know:-)!)
  2. What makes me different from other people you know?
  3. If your boss was going to recommend you to someone, what would he say
  4. What does your significant other say about you?
  5. When you go into a large gathering…who do you gravitate to? How do you interact with the crowd?


  1. All the education you’ve had
  2. The work you’ve done
  3. What you do for fun
  4. What hobbies/interests you have

See if there are patterns emerging from this exercise that makes you realize that “hey! that is pretty special about me…let me see how I can position myself in my business online as the “go to person”ย  for that…or..

My potential customer will buy from me rather than my competitor because they connect with this part of who I am.

Your USP It’s A Work In Progress

So you see, discovering your Unique Selling Proposition is work…and it evolves…but do not let getting itย perfect keep you from taking action!ย  Start with what you have and allow your business to evolve as you learn more and experience more.

Once you have your list made...check in with me if you want to have a 20 minute Free Consultation.

Pat Lee



  1. Hi Pat

    This is a great post short, sweet and to the point. Thanks for sharing and all your help with the newbies in helping them realize their Talents and Opportunities to share what makes them Special

    Mikee Likes IT!

    • Thank you Michael,
      Well, that’s what got you well on your way is a life experience that ignited a passion for health! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your visit and your kind remarks.

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