How Pay Per Click Ads Save You Money

 Pay Per Click Advertising Does More Than Bring Traffic to Your Business

How Pay Per Click Ads Save MoneyRich Hazlett author of Social Media PPC and The Lead Whisperer took some time to talk with me at a Live Event in Boise.  

Rich is an expert in Pay Per Click advertising, watching the results and making adjustments.
Listen to our conversation here on the topic of paid advertising and how the rookie entrepreneur is in control of the game plan.
While free SEO has it’s place and should always be striven for, it takes a LOT of time and in respect for your time, a lot of money. Over time, you will find that your content works…drawing traffic, bringing leads and sales to your business…or not.
That’s what hurts.  Spending 6 months to a year building your blog, your offer, the email sequence only to find out they all require  a makeover. Without using paid advertising, you have to wait a long time to get enough visitors to your content to figure out if it works or not.

Paid advertising on the other hand early in your online business journey, drives a lot of visitors to your content in a short time frame.  With analytics you can see if what you have created is working or not.  You will get sales for your business or few results.  This lets you know what changes are needed to get better results.
Rich Hazlett’s Social Media PPC is a great place to start with owning your own traffic generation strategies.
Get your copy of the course right here.  Click on this image.
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    • Julie, I know that Rich’s course will be very helpful to you. Good luck in the journey. Thanks for your visit and comment.

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